Where to go to get a car paint evaluation that holds up in front of a court?

Hi there,
I’m one of the poor owners of a LDV T60 with a poor factory paint job.
It is only 2 years old but rusting all around.
LDV are trying to keep me on the long leash.
After two repair attempts they told me in September that the next appointment is in January, LOL.
I now want to get a professional pain assessment that I can use with the ombudsman and maybe in court later.
Is there anywhere in Sydney/Parramatta where I can go to get this done?

Many thanks in advance.

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Any panel shop, especially one aligned with your insurer, as well as prepurchase inspection companies should be able to help.

Perhaps a Community member with experience in Sydney could add their experiences?

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In addition to @PhilT suggestion there are companies which specialise in corrosion protection and coatings - inspection and or specification.

A search on line for professional coating/painting or corrosion inspection services returned numerous options for Sydney and nationally. I found several who specialise in automotive paint inspections by including those search terms. There are also inspection services for general architectural, industrial and marine requirements. I’ve no recent relevant experience to recommend any one service.

It may take a few phone calls to select one from those with the most relevant expertise. There are recognised industry qualifications and certifications. It’s important to ask any business offering a suitable service to confirm the professional qualifications of the staff who will be providing your assessment, and their experience in providing expert opinion.


I would contact the NRMA if you are a member, and ask if their vehicle inspections include paint and corrosion assessments. I have used the RACQ service and their assessments include paint, panel and corrosion. Information can he found here:

If you take it further, it is important to get an independent assessment from a recognised and suitably qualified entity/person - as they will most likely have to give expert witness evidence in/to the court.

Using a local panel beater, its expertise on giving such assessments could be questioned along with its independence and expertise. Panel beaters repair vehicle damage and aren’t usually experts in assessing vehicle defects, paint quality, corrosion causes or warranty issues.

The NRMA should be able to assist, and if they can’t, provide information of an expert who can. The expert is likely to have relevant qualifications in materials and paints. They will also need to have professional indemnity insurance which covers advice they give. Preferably, they should also have experience in being an expert witness.