Where should you keep your butter?

Did you know there’s a special compartment in your fridge for butter? Find out more in our video below or share your own tips in the comments below.


If your household is like mine with teenagers that are harder to train than cats, then when you find the butter in the coldest part of the fridge and it’s as hard as a brick, use a fine grater to cleave off enough to spread the toast :slight_smile: forget where I read that pro-tip - probably on this forum somewhere!


The butter compartment is the only place I’ve ever kept butter that is in use. We usually buy several blocks at a time and keep them in a tray at the top of the fridge, moving a block at a time to the butter compartment for use.


Unless you live in a very warm climate you don’t need to keep butter in the fridge for daily usage. Our daytime maximum temperatures [ Port Macquarie,NSW, 2444 ] are generally less than 30 °C, occasionally up to 35 °C. We never have a problem of it becoming rancid.We keep it in the pantry cupboard where, I guess, the temperatures are a few degrees less. We do keep unused packs in the refrigerator at the same temperature as the main compartment…
Just another reason why butter is better than margarine.


I keep it in the dairy compartment .