Where should tomatoes be kept?

Should you keep tomatoes in the fridge or at room temperature? If you want them to ripen and taste better, keep them at room temperature.

Have a tip for great tasting tomatoes? Please share it in the comments below.


Pasta sauce. Tomatoes should be kept in Pasta sauce …

(but thanks for the tip - the only tomatoes we eat fresh are the midgets and they rarely make it home …)


I kike our’s dehydrated (mostly semi) and then bottled in a good virgin olive oil with a touch of basil and garlic :slight_smile: But yes. yhey do need to be ripe and tasty first :slight_smile:


How long do they keep like this? Would peppers work similarly?

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Capsicum? yes it does and similar with chillies. Capsicum should be skinned and it is easier to slice them into thick strips and only semi dry or keep them fresh before bottling, some people like a pickling solution instead and it does depend on your taste. If kept in a cool place out of light they stay good for a while, ours are always eaten within 5 to 6 months as I constantly graze them so I can’t say how long they might last.

Bottles must be very clean and sterilized before you bottle anything. Also heating the oil to about 60 - 70 C can help preserve the contents longer. If heated, which is what we prefer, pouring it over to about 2 cm from the top while getting the air out from between the produce, then as quickly as possible sealing the lid gives a good vacuum in the jar. There are some good guides to doing the bottling of all types of produce on the web and in books, and many do contain recipes for the pickling and syrup mixes if you decide to get into fruits and vege storage.

I should add that if using the oil for Tomatoes, Capsicum, and chillies the oil from the contents is great for adding extra flavour and spice to a salad dressing or light frying of dishes (if deep or high heat frying it gets a very burnt taste).