What's your favourite travel pillow?

Calling all frequent travellers - do you have a favourite travel pillow that has saved you sleepless nights on board?

CHOICE is going to review some of the most popular travel pillows on the market and we’d love your input and thoughts. Do you have a favourite? What do you look for in a travel pillow (compact? comfort? a smart design?)? Or, maybe you have another top tip for getting some sleep on board that you’d like to share.

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I’m more comfortable without one. Deborah Webb

Thanks for your comment, @deborah1901.

I’ve actually never used one before so I’m keen to see if it is “revolutionary” (my ex-flight attendant father says they’re the best things ever!) or whether it’s just another thing to carry, taking up space in carry-on!

I bought a TRTL travel pillow.Easy to carry and highly recommend it

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Thanks @margstevenson2003, I’ve actually included that one in our test list and have just ordered it. We’ll see how it performs!

I have an inflatable neck pillow from REI. Love it. Inflates / deflates very quickly, soft fabric. Very compact and light weight, takes up minimal space in my carry on.

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New aircraft have adjustable headrests with cushioning and side wings. Almost making these pillows redundant. But dont throw it out. They are still useful for car or bus travel.

My wife recently returned from an overseas trip with an inflatable pillow for your feet. Seems they are all the rage in Japan now. She says this is much more important than the one for your head. I’m going to try it out next month…


Interesting @ScottOKeefe - will be interested to hear more after you’ve given it a go.

@mtoner I’ll also be taking some bumpy, long jeep rides so I’ll see if it helps while on the long drive!

Here’s @TillySouth’s review of the best travel pillows (free content), including a side-by-side comparison of microbead, inflatable and memory foam pillow types.

Just remembered I was supposed to come back here with an update :sweat_smile:

I used it on flights to and from Europe, and it made a significant difference to my comfort, trying to sleep in economy. Because it raises your feet and lower legs, it means your body is less bent when trying to get comfortable, if that makes sense.

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Interesting @ScottOKeefe! Might have to give this a try the next time I fly.

I have the original First Class Sleeper. Love it after many long hauls. This is a newer design. It essentially lets you slouch in the seat with support everywhere so it is somewhat like a slanting bed, but not quite.