What to do with your unwanted gifts

With Christmas on the way, here are some ideas on what you can do with any unwanted gifts.

If you have any tips on unwanted presents, please share them in the comments below.


Living in Altona , Melbourne anybody watching or studying any news service would know Toyota has shut down . A lot of my neighbours also worked at Ford and GM , also shut down . Bills and mortgages still have to be paid . /

I will be giving gifts to these poor unfortunates . I teach music so I will give free lessons to their children until their mums and dads get back on their feet . It has hit our area hard these closures and we must look after those less fortunate than ourselves .


What a good vegemite you are Mike!

(Oops… is it acceptable to say that these days?)


I do my best Tamas :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My other half’s work has a Christmas collection for a charity where one can donate food or new items (new required as sometimes items are exported if a natural disaster has occurred in the south Pacific region).

This gives us a good way to ‘recycle’ those presents not used/needed for a good cause.

This year our little one’s non-profit kindy had a wheelbarrow to fill for a fundraising raffle, so we will have had two ways this year to help others,


First and foremost, let go of the guilt. Guilt in not liking/needing/wanting a gift, and guilt in giving when the receiver of the gift is not taken with it. You did your best, let it go. They know you thought of them. Guilt is not healthy. Pass on to someone you know would like the thing you don’t require, or give it to charity.


In terms of ‘stuff’ I limit gifts to immediate family and make sure everyone knows I don’t want anything but good company - and the gifts I give are often money, because - well, teenagers - to put toward something they really want in addition to something small and fun and usually edible.

For any unwanted stuff, including gifts, it’s always the Salvo’s for me.


Firstly I thank the giver for their lovely gift. Secondly while I might not have a use for it, I know several who might find it to be exactly what they need, so I choose to give it to them. Look around you! Whilst it may not suit your needs, there is always someone near you who could use it. I don’t believe there is such a thing as an ‘unwanted’ gift!


If I can I re-gift to the giving tree. Its nice for adults to get a Christmas gift as well as kids. I also encourage my grandchildren to gift to the giving tree.

Re-gift it, but always keep the card attached to the unwanted gift, so you don’t give it back to the original gifter! Embarrassing for both sides but ironically, the original gifter will probably really like it.
My close circle of girlfriends do a “secret santa”, where the tackiest gift is highly prized. So this is a good way to rid yourself with unwanted gifts, and no problem if it comes around more than once.

Years ago I used to gift books to the people who read … knew they loved the books as they always told me about the books I should read after reading my gift.

Then I progressed to giving artisan chocolates … no complaints

If I have spare cash and the recipient deserves a great gift and loves to eat out, then a restaurant voucher.

Have re gifted a bad gift to the person who gave it to me … it came to me dirty & moldy… so I washed it… aired it outside in the 30+ heat and when it looked like new gave it back as a belated Christmas gift. (was my neighbor. She loves everything that is red… the towels were red and she was happy)

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