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What is the best smart desk lamp to buy?

Looking to buy a smart desk lamp for work purposes at home and wondering which is the best performing one?

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Forgive my ignorance, but what is a ‘smart desk lamp’? And what differentiates it from other desk lamps?



“The best smart desk lamps use LED lighting technology to create stylish and energy-efficient lamps and adopt smart control for easier life. The excellent light quality you receive from LED enables you to use these lamps whenever a little extra sparkle is necessary.”

From an Amazon selling advert

"The XIAOMI & PHILIPS EyeCare 2 Smart Eyecare Desk Lamp is dedicated to releasing eye strain and the luminance is controllable via smartphone APP control. Meanwhile, with the built-in light sensor, the Desk Lamp will automatically adjust luminance. By collecting and processing light signals through a light sensor, using a patented light calibration algorithm and Gamma light curve to offer more pleasant lighting. Optimizes illuminance contrast ratio to meet IESNA standard, ensuring your eyes have the right light for the task at hand. "

It appears that the basic defining of one is that it is able to be controlled by another device eg Smartphone, Computer, or Google or Amazon type devices. But they may offer other things such as self adjusting light output.


I’d consider built in device charging, whether USB or wireless, to be a requirement also.

Has OP considered a smart globe in a regular lamp also? I have one LIFX globe currently and planning to get more, they’re fantastic, and likely do everything a “smart lamp” does if you have them set up well.


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I have LIFX globes in my desk lamps (and in many other locations in the house). They don’t require a separate hub as some others do, as each has its own wifi receiver. They are compatible with HomeKit (necessary for me) but also Alexa and Google assistant. A couple are colour variable, a couple of them are day and dusk (and these are my favourites) and a couple are just white, but they were going really cheap from Amazon, recently. I love them. I love being able to turn them on or off from anywhere I am. Siri will turn them on and off too. Apart from that they can be set up for various scenes, and with various themes. There are much cheaper alternatives of course but at the time, I needed HomeKit compatibility and so it was LIFX or Philips HUe.

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