What do you want from your Christmas pudding?

**EDIT: The results from our Christmas pudding taste test are in, see the results here:

What do you look for in a Christmas Pudding?
  • Moistness
  • Flavour - sweet
  • Flavour - brandy or rum
  • Flavour - general
  • Lots of fruit
  • Little fruit
  • Strong spiciness
  • Little spiciness
  • It must be a family recipe
  • Matured for at least a month!

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Note to assist with polling:

Up to three preferences can be selected.


Not the only way to enjoy family time at Christmas. Australia is a very diverse community.

Missing is to select steamed traditional hot served English style or a real Aussie 3 hat standard cold set fruit pudding.

A Weis Fruito bar might take a close second place for those in tune with the genuine Aussie holiday spirit.

Another in the family might suggest.

Our Santa wears board shorts and squeezes through the louvre windows (always left open) so he can enter during the night. Pillow cases with our names embroidered hung from the foot of the bed and proved adequate for most gifts.

Still to fall into that great KFC feeling, but we are tempted. :joy:


I would have voted for more items but for the 3 choice limit.

Additional choices are strong spiciness, matured for at least a month.


Sadly I am unable to make a pudding and I ought not to even consider eating even a small one, but I suspect I am going to cave in, next time I see an ad for The Pudding Lady.

[edit] OOPS. Done.


I always make my own Christmas pudding,(the recipe makes 2) but now - having to sacrifice one for a family meal (they keep the leftovers) l have one left, which is too much for one person
Last year, I decided to to buy an extra small one for myself, and tried The Pudding Lady. I was pleasantly surprised, and this year have ordered three small puddings, so I can give 1 or 2 away.
They really are very tasty puddings.


We like variety, so we get some Chrismas pudding, Italian Panetone, German Stollen, and Hungarian Beigli (both poppy seed and walnut). SBS would be proud!


The results from our Christmas pudding taste test are in, see the results here:

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I found this confusing:

How long does a Christmas pudding last?

Christmas pudding can last unwrapped for up to a year. If it’s opened and heated, then it will be best to consume it within a few weeks.

Is “unwrapped” supposed to be wrapped, or ununwrapped, or something else?

I also didn’t understand this:


The CHOICE Expert Rating is made up of 90% sensory attributes (appearance/quality of finish 30%, flavour and aroma 25%, mixture quality 25%, moistness/texture 20% and 10% nutrition (determined solely by the Health Star Rating).

I think it was intended to be

90% sensory attributes (followed by a breakdown of details)
10% nutrition (followed by explanation).

But the bracket holding the sensory details breakdown has no closure and adds up to 100% not 90%, so maybe it was intended to be something else.

Does the fact checker not do copy checking too?

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Hmmm. Might have t review my decision to go with the Pudding Lady… With all the bills also comin in between Xmas and New Year, I might go with Coles Finest. I used to get their Xmas cake but I have not seen that (the one I liked, anyway) for a few years. Of course it all plays havoc with my BGL. Maybe I should not have it this year.