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What do you feed your cat or dog?


I buy ox cheeks from our butcher…would never give them to the dogs though…we love them !!!


My cat has an inbuilt scanner which checks for price every time I feed her, If it is cheap she just walks away. I feed her mainly Royal Canin Indoor cat dry food which she loves as well as an occasional chicken neck for her teeth. If I give her wet food as a treat it must be Royal Canin or Dine chicken or beef. She will not eat any tinned fish varieties. If I am having grilled fish for dinner she will lower herself to eat that with me.


Yeah i watched that. Interesting


My cat has those scratch pads. LOVES them, but they make a mess haha


Cats only seem to eat Fancy Feast Royal Tuna based wet food, we subsidise that with Supercoat dry food. Our dog dry food we’re still not sure on, we’ve tried a few, Science diet seems to be ok but we need the smaller dry food so not so much choice, we have one puppy so when she gets past 1 yr we might try a few others. They also get mince, mainly chicken.


I would have thought that the Black Hawk kibble for cats would be smaller than the one for dogs. Are your cat’s teeth ok?


That isn’t good that Black Hawk didn’t respond to your query. Cats shouldn’t eat dog food I have heard, so a good idea that you gave then to someone with a dog.


What a beautiful cat. I too have a Burmese (brown) and she gets the same dry food which was recommended by the vet. Her litter never smells strongly and she too is very happy and content. She will occasionally eat Dine chicken varieties but only half a little can.


I have two rescue dogs. I feed them Applaws grain-free and a tin of My Dog between them in the morning. For evening, they get Applaws, kangaroo mincy or steak, and raw chicken, chicken or turkey necks, chicken feet, chicken carcases and vegetables - cabbage, carrots, bok choy, sweet potato, pumpkin.
They seem very happy.


We’ve heard some reports of pets being affected by Baxter’s dog food. If anyone has experiences with this brand of pet food, please let us know.


Your cat must be related to ours! We feed her only Royal Canin Indoor dry food - now over +7 (She is 9 1/2) And occasional Royal Canin wet food when on a special! She will only lower herself to eat anything else if it comes from our plate into our hand! She is only ever at the Vet for 12 monthly vacs & well worth the cost of Royal Canin as my friends cats (feed on cheap food) have their cats at the vet several times a year. I am definitely in front cost wise.


I immediately stopped buying “pet quality” kangaroo etc when I read a report a few years ago about an additive (sulphur dioxide? potassium sulphites?) in pet meat (to keep the meat red and fresh looking and prevent odour) which was proven to cause cancer in pets. I switched to “human consumption” kangaroo which hopefully had no harmful additives.



Fresh kangaroo is not normally a part of our dog’s diet, but the ate an entire (not fully grown) Eastern Grey kangaroo in 3 days recently! Talk about a full tummy, she could barely move after each “snack”!


One of my previous dogs was a top scrounger. He could catch and eat a bunny in a sitting leaving nothing, no hair, bones, claws, teeth, guts, blood were left, he ate it all. The procedure is simple, start at the head and when you reach the tail stop. We had to reduce his evening feed for a while but after he eradicated the rabbits his weight went back to normal.

At another time I noticed him vanishing for an hour and then re-appearing to have a sleep. This was repeated several times until I followed him. He was working through the carcass of a road kill roo. He had eaten the head, neck and one forearm and shoulder, clearly using the same procedure. I took it away.

This is not a 80kg Cujo but a 18kg Kelpie. People don’t realise how efficient working breeds are until they see them in action.

Yes I am very careful with parasite medication for my dogs.


We thought commenters in this thread might be interested in our latest campaign on pet food. After a number of products have been linked to pet injury and death, there’s now a Senate Inquiry into the pet food industry.

There are no laws in Australia governing the safety of pet food, and so we’d like minimum quality standards, faster recalls and better labelling introduced. If you’d to support our campaign, sign here for better pet food regulation.


Banjo, 5 years old,our rescue dog we’ve had for 8 months, only eats the dry food from vets, see photo. He has a large bone to chew on a couple of times a week. Our last dog had Cushings disease and his diet seemed to be an issue. We were feeding him tinned food from the supermarket plus home cooked chicken, table scraps and doggie treats. The health problems he had in his last 18 months may have been initially caused by his diet so with the new dog I’ve taken the lead from the vet. Because Banjo is small the big bag costing $70 lasts him 3 months.
Our cat, Taji, eats tinned cat food plus dry food for Kidneys, bought from the vet. About 3 years ago he ended up at pet hospital as he was in dreadful pain when urinating. I was told to take him straight to the vet as he would die if left too much longer. He ended up on a drip for 3 days. The vet said not to feed him store bought dry food as it is like eating McDonalds - tastes good but very unhealthy. Because his nights in hospital cost nearly $2000 I am quite happy to buy his dry (not cheap) food from vets.


We feed our miniature australian bulldog a combination of Black Hawk grain free dry food, raw chicken necks, mixed veg, sardines in olive oil 2-3 x per week and bits of fruit and veg I eat like apple, blueberries, cherry tomatoes etc he gets bones a couple of times a week and we use dried liver treats as training aids


I’ve always had staffy’s and always made wet food for them and feed them 1 cup of dried commercial food. All of them have made it to their mid teens 16, 14/8months, & one who was hit by a car 12yrs old. My current boy is 15/4 months.
The wet food is a chicken casserole with chicken thighs, soup lentils, rice, pasta, veg (usually bok choy, celery, carrots, cabbage but what ever in in the fridge that maybe looking a little limp), potato’s and sweet potato’s and stock for taste.
I use to feed the science diet but the price went higher and higher and they lowered the protein percent. I tried some cheaper brands with higher protein but the carb loading was too high. Then Black Hawk came along, high protein, lower carbs and high fat. My old boy gets the Fish and Potato for his stiff joints and I am minding someone else’s fat staffy and she is on the Chicken and Rice for her weight control. (she has lost nearly 5kg in 12 weeks).


all the families Staffy’s