What can be done when a bed doesn't perform to expectation?

I have just finished reading review after review about sealy beds. In each consumers complainted about , firstly , having to pay for a warranty call out . Secondly that after some time & well within the 10 yr warranty period bed after bed develope body holes and one has to roll up & over the middle ridge to get from one side to the other . In each case the sealy rep comes out string line measures the bed & generally says that as it is under a 35mm dip it isn’t warranty. That the ridge in the middle is in part a factor of body contours and the ridge of the king base . I was told that I choose the wrong type of bed & that the salesman should have explained the ridging problems . All other Seally beds we have purchased haven’t done this . But they can fix it for $500.
What are my options ? I have spoken with the store & sealy . This is the norm now according to the reviews.
I put to you that why are they charging $50 before a warranty call out ? This is a a farce !


Hi @amanda.s.lambert,

Sorry to hear about your mattress problems. If it’s a fault as you have described, then you may have some remedy under the consumer law. Out of interest, what does the $500 repair charge cover specifically?

I note that you’ve contacted the company already, but if you haven’t already, let them know that you are ready to escalate the complaint to your state or territory fair trading body. It’s worthwhile refreshing your familiarity with your consumer rights if you haven’t done so already. In particular, this sounds like it might fall under the ‘minor fault’ category. This is general advice only - for professional advice you might like to talk to our CHOICE Help service after the holiday break.

Hopefully this can get the ball rolling on a resolution for you, and thanks for sharing your experience with Sealy, hopefully it will also help others here in the Community.

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From memory the US mattress industry defines “normal” as a 1 1/2 to 2 inch (35-50mm) body cavity as being within tolerance! I once had a quite expensive one with a 1 3/4 inch cavity and it was not very nice by the ridge, but so long as I stayed in my cavity it was OK; however the ridge makes all sorts of things uncomfortable.

The US relationship can be read at http://www.sealy.com.au/about-sealy/our-company#F9cZdquhjEtPt62U.97 and if they are the most trusted name as claimed, based on Amanda’s text I would hate to encounter an ordinary one.

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