What are your experiences with comparison sites?

Have you used a comparison site before? Was it commercial site or a government-run site? What was your experience - did you find substantial savings or did you get a raw deal?

We know that commercial comparison sites can sometimes find you savings, but they don’t always give you the best deal. We’d love to hear about your experiences in more detail.

If you’ve never used them but are curious to learn more, here are a couple of pieces CHOICE has written on the topic:


I have copied an item I posted on 23.07.2018 regarding the www.energymadeeasy.gov.au website.

“I read an article this morning on Nine.com regarding Qld consumers saving on electricity prices.

I then attempted to use the comparison website linked to the article.


After entering the details for the standard tariff for 4 bills with the dates shown on each, it then wanted the off-peak tariff usage so I got the bills out again.

It then claimed that there was a 3 day overlap. I altered the dates till I finally had all green ticks only to get a message that there was a 2 day overlap.

After wasting 30 minutes, I then gave up in disgust and deleted the page.

Only governments could create such stupidity.”


An interesting article warning consumers regarding comparison websites with comments from Choice.

Compare the market once i nearly got conned into it i found them very pressured and forcefully wanting me to buy products. They were not friendly at all it was, a negative experience. I would never recommend using these services. Do your own ring around to get quotes. I was just reading the consumer watch dog is cracking down on these businesses. Seems they have been fined previously for misleading consumers. Im do fortunate i never accepted the offer. Apparently insurance companies own compare the market. Get it out there if not done yet choice.