Well Done Bosch

Some weeks ago, my wife noticed a small dark spot on our Bosch washer and I posted the message copied below on the Bosch inquiry form on 02.07.2018.
I had already read the Dodgy Bros 3 year extended warranty T & C’s and noted that it excluded corrosion.
“We bought a WAY32540AU washer, a WTB86200AU dryer and stacking kit from The Good Guys in Cairns on 08.02.2015 and they delivered and installed them. They are installed in our internal laundry have never been wet.
We noticed a small rust spot on the upper left front of the washer and took a photo of it. When enlarged, there are numerous bubbles visible under the paint near the rust spot. The panel was obviously not treated correctly at the time of manufacture.
We are aware that your warranty was 2 years but we want it repaired under Australian Consumer Law as it should not be rusting away in a mere 3 years.”
Bosch responded promptly and asked for a copy of the proof of purchase and some photos which I provided. They then said that they would repair it under warranty.
The service agent arrived at our home yesterday with a new panel tucked under his arm and replaced the old panel.
No dramas. No arguments. No buck passing.
We had some Bosch appliances at our previous home and our children and others have bought them on our recommendation.
We will also be replacing the existing dishwasher and wall oven with Bosch when the time comes.
Well done Bosch.


After Bosch repaired our washer, their survey company emailed me a questionnaire.
I ticked “100%” regarding satisfaction and “Very Likely” to recommending Bosch to family and friends.
For their cost for a metal panel and a service visit, Bosch has ensured that we are satisfied and still happy to recommend their products, and they will more than recover their costs when we replace the dishwasher and the wall oven.
How much simpler is this than when companies fail to do the right thing by their customers?

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My 6 years old Bosch heat pump dryer developed a fault which couldn’t be fixed. After initial communication problems, I wrote to the local manager in Clayton, Victoria, explaining my unusual circumstances and a disabled pensioner.
On receipt of my email, the manager called to tell me that Bosch would replace my faulty dryer with a new bigger model at no charge. The dryer was installed for me in 4 business days.
It was such a relief. I am so grateful for the compassion shown and the manager’s speedy response.



Welcome to the forum, and thanks for the good news story. I have added it to an existing topic praising Bosch’s after sales service.