Weetbix by Sanitarium / Who's on a diet now

Just topping up my plastic storage box and thought wow those new Weetbix seem to be smaller in size. Old value pack is 1.2 kilos and the new pack is 1.12 kilos with the same number of servings
Biscuits were 33g per 2 biscuits and now 30g per 2 biscuits - not much different but still…
This is what happens when you have spare time due to the COVID-19 saga


I had noticed that the Weet-bix appeared smaller than I remember.

I tend to swap around to different varieties from time to time (Vita-Brit, homebrands etc) as each one has a subtly different flavour (add variety to the palate). I has been having Vita-Brit for a few months and then swapped back to Weet-bix and though that the ‘biscuit’ size seemed smaller than I remembers. I just put it down to comparing with others rather than the biscuit this generation being actually being smaller.

Thanks for giving us the heads up of the change.


My husband has Weet-bix for breakfast every morning. It takes him 18 days to get through the large (1.2kg) box. The last box he finished he accused me of pinching some, but the number hasn’t changed. Perhaps he was referring to the size.

Unfortunately all my old packets went to recycling, compost & under garden pathways, otherwise I could compare nutrition etc. It is still one of the best breakfast choices, health-wise. At 10% less for breakfast, he could end up losing some more weight. I would have preferred a price increase rather than a product decrease.


Finally, a plus side to the COVID-19; more time! :slight_smile:

Well spotted @efor. Any idea on how the price of the old vs new sizes compare?


@meltam I just happen to have a pile of receipts. Unfortunately not for the 1.2kg

Weetbix 1.12kg pack (# on sale)
29/7/19 $4.65
24/8/19 $4.55
11/12/19 $4.90
28/1/20 $4.90
5/3/20 $4.90
24/3/20 $4.39 #

The price and pack size can’t be much different or I would have noticed. I didn’t realise the pack had changed so long ago as it was only recently my husband remarked on it. He has used the same enamel dish for decades, so he would know.


Nutritional values


Noticed that the nutritional values for per 100g has not changed so i feel the only change is in size.
As far as i can see Woolworths price did not change


It seems if you shop online Woolies still offer a 1.2kg package.

There is no listing for a 1.12kg package.

The online web service says also in stock at Ashgrove and Paddington, Brisbane.

I wonder what they actual pack in any order?
Do you get 1.2kg for $5.00 or only 1.12kg!

P.S. marketing opportunities?
For the next big change to follow the 33gm to a metric even 30gm biscuit size. Will it be a contents count change up to 40 biscuits (extra added value pack) or down to 30 (savers value pack)?


My wife eats Weetbix or an equivalent every day. Most often GoldenVale from ALDI. I just checked the box, and it states 31g per 2 biscuits.
( I suspect that GoldenVale are just Weetbix in different packaging as they taste identical )


Looks like they have increased their Vitamin B1, B2, B3 Folate & Iron per 100g, to still have the same % in a serve. Eg B1 was 1.67, now 1.83 so that 0.55 / 50% RDI per serve remains the same, even if the biscuit is smaller.


I am pretty sure the value pack was 1.3kg a couple of years ago. My current pack is 1.2kg and the individual ‘biscuits’ have definitely shrunk in recent years.

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Have not noticed any difference to be honest

I rarely eat anything other than weetbix for breakfast and didn’t notice the difference!

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