Website Hosting in Sydney_ Recommendations?


I am going to setup a website for my small business.
I went online to find Web Hosting services in Sydney
… and, my search came back with ‘hosters’ that are not located in Sydney
… …
Does anyone have any Sydney based web hosting recommendations?


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Hmm. Only for the technically inclined, but I use Amazon Web Services for our company websites and host it across their 3 Sydney data centres.

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hi Ben
thanks for the reply
I discovered yesterday afternoon that I was using the WRONG search engine -
(a) I had used ‘Google search’ = result, ONLY Overseas Web Hosters were displayed on the first couple of ‘search result pages’…
…for example, ‘hostpapa’ is located in Canada
… 'crazy ’ has a Phillipines call centre… oh, hell…
… and, alot of others located overseas

versus -

(b) using ’ windows BING search’ = result, Australian web hosters with Australian Servers were displayed.
therefore, the windows Bing search engine SHOULD BE used - IF anyone is looking for web Hosters with Australian servers located in Australia ( must check this with each site)… that will be supported by ‘dinky di Aussies’ ( must check this with each site)
… and, the choice is aplenty. … so, I think it may take me a couple of days to decide

Are there specific reasons it needs to be hosted in Sydney?

For small business (unless you are deploying your own servers/infrastructure) it’s probably much cheaper hosted off-shore.

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I have used Digital Pacific, based in Sydney, for years and have been happy with them. I went for them because they are Oz based, and are powered with renewable energy.


You don’t really say specifically what sort or level of hosting you want. Are you just after pre-installed Wordpress instances, or roll-your-own code/CMS, nor whether you want MS Windows or Linux as the operating system/platform. If you gave us some more information along those lines, our recommendations could be more specific.

We (as in CHOICE) use two different providers - both of which may be a bit too big for you depending on your needs. Some of it is on and some is on Rackspace’s Sydney datacentre. This forum is hosted (currently) on Digital Ocean, for an idea of response rates etc. Personally, I used Dreamhost. Plenty of my friends use AWS for smaller things.


thanks everyone

firstly, I want to deal with someone IN AUSTRALIA - not overseas - I want to support Australia and Australian Businesses

hi jcouch - at this stage, I am not sure about my needs. I think that they will be fairly simple

  • a website with maybe half a dozen web-pages of information … probably, not much graphics because I am an Accountant… but, I will need something where I can easily go in to update pages, that also looks good on a mobile phone without too much fiddling around, a web-hoster that has reliable up time and backup, restore procedures, is secure… I won’t be selling anything online
  • probably, some separate blog pages later re tax policy…

Have a look at BinaryLane, they are part of Mammoth Cloud Support Servers for Mammoth CS are in 4 centres:

NextDC S1 facility in North Ryde, Sydney
NextDC B1 facility in the Brisbane CBD
NextDC M1 facility in Port Melbourne
TPG’s Kent Street facility in the Sydney CBD

What is the difference between BinaryLane and Mammoth, this is from their FAQ:

"Mammoth Cloud is a hosting service catering to a variety of IT experience. Our base “self-managed” servers are for customers with at least semi-dedicated IT staff , but who may require troubleshooting assistance from time-to-time.

Mammoth Cloud customers can call our support line and/or email and ask for advice on solving whatever issue they may come across. Beyond that, we offer a variety of server management plans ( ) catering to customers with little-to-no in-house IT expertise.

For example, under our application management level ($100/month + server cost) Mammoth’s staff will:

  • install any required software on your VPS,
  • migrate your website to your new VPS,
  • apply system upgrades when appropriate,
  • install and maintain appropriate anti-virus, intrusion-detection, and firewalling, and
  • monitor the server for outages 24/7

By contrast, BinaryLane is “infrastructure as a service”, meaning it includes zero technical assistance and thus is only suitable for IT professionals and enthusiasts who are able to both operate a server day-to-day and troubleshoot any problems they may encounter. In other words, this is the cloud equivalent of going to your local computer wholesaler and buying a server. BinaryLane does not have a phone number and support is limited to billing and account enquiries, and the infrastructure layer."

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The site fed me back into this old thread so I feel incumbent to make a comment…

Why the focus on Sydney based? As long as your privacy needs are met (usually Aussie based facility) the more important criteria is their gear and support both for you and their kit. For example what is their centre security, physical, network, and software? Do they have multiple diverse network connections? How much bandwidth/capacity do they have? What is their storage quality? What is their backup regimen? Have they been off-line in the past and why and for how long and have they done anything to assure it probably will not recur?