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Weber BBQ'S & Service


Anyone else remember the Weber Q TV ads from a few years ago? The one with the yuppie who has a Weber Family Q at his luxury home but his favourite is the Weber Baby Q which he fills up the boot of his luxury Mercedes convertible with when he goes to his luxury beach house instead of simply buying a second Weber Family Q for the beach house.
Well contrary to his claim that he has never had a flareup or a fat fire, we did have a fat fire with our Weber Family Q last October whilst cooking a rolled pork roast. I could not extinguish the fat fire so I just had to let it burn out which caused the plastic frame that supports the cooker box to melt.
I contacted Weber and provided the requested photos and the serial number. Weber advised that they were shipping the necessary parts to facilitate the repair. When I asked how much it would cost me, they advised that there would be no charge as they were doing it under warranty even though it was 3.5 years old.
The parts arrived shortly afterwards and we carried out the repairs. I noticed that the new mounting frame for the cooker box had been redesigned, obviously to help ensure that the problem did not reoccur.
On a previous occasion, the electronic igniter failed. I contacted Weber and asked if they wanted a copy of the purchase invoice which they did not. A replacement igniter assembly arrived by courier the following day.
On a more recent occasion, a nephew bought a Weber Q on our recommendation. He also bought the new rotisserie for the Weber Q. I was considering purchasing the rotisserie and contacted Weber to request a user manual.
Weber promptly emailed a copy of the manual but advised me that they did not think the rotisserie would improve the roasts and that the rotisserie bastes the roasts constantly thus preventing the pork skin from crackling.
What fantastic service and honesty. It is the best customer service I have ever had.
Keep up the great work.

Weber BBQ's Excellent Customer Service

It’s why Weber has been around for so long and has so many imitators . After all they say " Imitation is the finest form of flattery " .


It is good to see that some companies who sell their products at a premium and under the quality banner, are willing to support defective products post sale.

While other companies also do similar, it would be great if they ALL adopted similar approaches when a design or manufacturing defect is raised later in life.


I’ve got the baby Q and matching stand. The legs were rusting on the stand and it was out of warranty. Weber sent me 4 x replacement legs…free of charge.
Well impressed!


Ahh, the joys of SEQ. Metal rusts quickly in the highly corrosive salt laden humidity.


I also have experienced exceptional service from Weber and will only buy their products in future. Weber should be a text book study case in how to treat customers and encourage repeat business.


I love my Weber & service as well but a tip to save a fortune on a Weber Trivet. Don’t buy a genuine Weber Trivet (approx $40 for a Q size). Instead, Ikea has an almost identical stainless steel trivet that is about the same size as a Q for $5.


Just a shout out to Weber for their excellent customer service. I have a Weber Q 300 which i purchased about 4 years ago. It gets used about 4 times a week for all sorts of cooking. Great BBQ, but the best thing is Weber’s customer service. I called them to purchase some spare parts (an ignition switch and components) as mine failed. They refused to accept any payment and immediately shipped all the required parts. Excellent customer service.

Excellent customer service is becoming the exception rather than the norm which is unfortunate. We should not put up with this we need to praise the companies with good customer service and also highlight the companies that need to improve. This will hopefully, slowly, force companies to focus on their customer service as key to their business.


I was instantly sent parts for a small portable Weber I bought in 1989! It is a top company.


My exerience was quite different. I had the same probelm I was treated as a fool and told to read the handbook John


My Weber barbecue (gas bottle type) is just over 2 yrs old, the grill plate got very rusty (living in humid Central Qld). Got in touch with Weber and they sent me a brand-new plate! I’m very impressed with their service, and can only recommend them! I believe my model has now been discontinued, but the service is still outstanding - not many firms do this. So, I recommend this firm.


I have a 7 year old Weber Genesis BBQ and the igniter is troublesome. I rang Weber and they said there is a lifetime guarantee on the lighting device and they sent one by courier free of charge and free transport. How good is that?


Great to hear David, thanks for sharing the positive experience.