WAX32K41AU BOSCH 10 kg Front Washer

Does any one have an opinion on Bosch 10kg WAX32K41AU with auto dosing detergent. I’m looking for a new front loader.


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If you are shopping in general Choice did a review a few months ago (member content)

The model you are asking about is not in the review, nor seems to have presence on productreview. Always be wary of nonobjective information that might come your way as it could be excellent or otherwise.


It’s the most expensive (rrp $2549) of the Bosch range. It’s unlikely there will be too many consumers who have the budget. Note it has WiFi for the connected home.


Thanks for that, probably choice are not able to do every machine.

i know it is expensive and i don’t really want to spend that much, as i am on a budget, but i use my machine daily so i will probably get better value out of a good machine. I’m still unsure which front loader to buy.

Choice covers a broad range of front loaders in it’s reviews. The machines reviewed are tested for performance if one is not confident in product. The buying guides are also useful. Excuse the promo, we’ve been Choice members on and off for a long time. Membership has it’s benefits.

Is there any reason in particular that model of Bosch appeals? Bosch offer a wide range of model options at lower price points.


Choice focuses on ‘what consumers are buying’ so most reviews cover the ‘sweet spots’ of the market, excepting when an exemplar is tossed in as a point of comparison.

The more features the more to go wrong? Would you get a real advantage from self dosing as compared to adding the detergents at the start of a cycle? For the incremental cost?


As we constantly find from Choice reviews, there is no direct correlation between price and quality. Do you really want to pay lots of extra for features you will never use, and possibly end up with an inferior performance machine?

If you are not a member, you might consider joining as you may save the cost of membership (and possibly more) on one big purchase. (As a scary thought, I just realised that I have been a member for close to 50 years.)


Hi @bertdeb0 and welcome to the community.
As many others have said, be wary of paying for features you don’t need - this is a very expensive washing machine, so will you really use auto dosing (bearing in mind that proprietary detergents will be more expensive too, though you can likely use your own as well) and wi-fi? If not then don’t spend money on them.
Also, I’d ask if you really need a 10kg capacity washing machine - most Australians only wash about 3.5kg of clothes at a time - that’s about the equivalent of a full laundry basket - irrespective of the capacity of their washing machine. I’d suggest grabbing your laundry basket and jumping on the scales to see how much you’re actually washing. 10kg capacity is pushing the limits of what’s possible in a standard front loader form factor, so leaving the door open for a 9 or 8kg machine will give you many more options at lower price points.
Good luck with your search and happy shopping.


Thanks all, i will search choice options again.


I had to take a peek at all the wonderous features. This has little to do with the quality of the machine but some of the characteristics are hard to fathom:

  • In the list of ticked features you have “Allergy”, will it cure my allergy or give me one and why does it do either?
  • Energy is 250 Kwh. Is that per load, per hour or per year?
  • The depth is 632mm and that may not include the door and control panel. Why are they uncertain about the size of their product or if these bits stick out?
  • There is a light in the drum! If you put in things that are afraid of the dark they will not panic. Now if one of the 14 programs was for cats and lapdogs …
  • It has Home Connect (WiFi) “With the goal of creating an easily accessible home ecosystem, Bosch have developed …” That must be to do with having more than one pet.

One datum that you don’t always see is the depth with the door open. Given the tiny laundries or cupboards in some accommodation this may be useful. If they can measure that why can’t they be sure what the depth is with the door shut?


thanks for your thoughts

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I agree with you. There are certain appliances on which I will not scrimp. These include fridges, washing machines and ovens.

I have had a Miele front load washing machine for over 25 years and it has never given me one bit of grief (touch wood). I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone. Dryers are one area where I do save as, here in Brisbane, I only very seldom use it. I bought the cheapest one I could find and I have never regretted that purchase either. It is the same age as the washing machine.


Thank you, I have decided to put it off for a while.

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We have a Bosch WAW28640 9kg Front Load Washer with I-Dos automatic detergent dispenser.

We saved about $300-00 by purchasing from the “scratch n dent” outlet of a large retailer we would otherwise not spend our money with.

Bosch publicised claims about potential savings from automatic detergent dosing based on possible wastage of detergent itself, BUT ALSO potential wasted water from excessive rinsing if too much detergent was used (some machines use sensors to rinse until waste water is sufficiently “clear”. We have no idea how correct the claims were, but my partner definately “bought the hype” about i-Dos.

We LOVE it. We never owned a front loader before, and never used liquid laundry detergent before. Based on Choice reviews and our shopping habits, we use an ALDI liquid detergent which reviewed quite well at approx 1/3 cost of the top performer in that review of detergent.
Based on Choice advice, we do not use fabric softener but we use a “laundry sanitiser” liquid product from ALDI in the bulk “fabric softener” dispenser tank. It smells nice, is quite cheap and machine uses it sparingly. If I really trusted that I could use it, I would probably use white vinegar in the rinse water but don’t want to wreck a machine by filling it with acetic acid! So the ALDI nice-smelling but no problems associated with fabric softener gets the gong for us (we could also use nothing in that tank).

We are Very Satisfied with the machine in general, and we absolutely LOVE the automatic dosing. The “drawer” at top left of the machine where most front loaders add detergent, is divided into a tank for detergent and a tank for fabric softener/rinse product. The detergent capacity I think I’d 1.3 litres, the fabric rinse product tank is smaller.
Bosch recommend occasionally draining and rinsing these tanks out to avoid any build up of thickened detergent etc - we have we been using our machine for a bit over one year and have yet to do that maintenance. I think they suggest the detergent tank can manage about 30 loads before needing a top up.

In setting the machine to wash, there are options to increase or decrease the dosing of both detergent and rinse product. We tend to leave them set at a “middle” rate, and have always been satisfied with wash results.

We are a couple, and tend to wash the laundry basket once per week of daily uniforms etc - often the drum seems quite firmly packed but wash results are good. Towels and sheets will take another load at least each weekend.

Because I am a nurse I run wash at 50 degrees, slight concession to using less power but I don’t want to wash my uniforms at much less temp. I avoid a “time saver” feature and wash cycle takes about 3 hours. LOVE being able to load the drum, set the options we want and never have to worry about adding detergent to every load. I have never used to option of adding prewash detergent either, have been satisfied with the automatic program. Note, though, prewash detergent is a manually added process - there is not any option to have a prewash dose released from the bulk tank.

We love the machine. It counts down time until the end of the cycle, but doesn’t actually indicate what it’s doing at any particular phase of the program. There is an energy saver option too, which we generally don’t employ - opting for the long and quite warm wash to sanitise my work clothes.

In case of power interruption, the machine seems to retain where in the program it was up to, and takes off from that point when power is restored.

It’s early days really - only been using 12-18 months - but I am absolutely delighted by the automatic detergent dosing!


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Thanks for your comprehensive review of your I-Dos washing machine.


I purchased a choice tested front loader a, few years ago it is very good and mid price range. Haier was the brand. Upon looking it doesn’t seem the one i purchase is available via the test.