Waterproof Cameras

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I’m a long time choice subscriber, and I’ve now had 2 different ‘waterproof’ compact cameras fail on me on holidays involving snorkeling, and talking with friends and acquaintances I think this is happening so frequently with these cameras sold as ‘waterproof to 10 meters’ or similar that someone needs to look in to it.

In both instances, I have been pedantic about checking the seals are clean and the locking mechanism engaged. The first camera was a Panasonic DMC FT5GN, the second one was a Nikon Coolpix S33 - brought because it was cheap if it was going to fail too!

Talking with friends I learnt of 2 other instances of the Panasonic model failing.

In Panasonic’s case - replaced under warranty, but now I’m not game to snorkel with it - Nikon dried out over a week in rice and is working OK again.

I would hope someone could find out how often these ‘waterproof’ cameras are leaking when used according to instructions - replacement under warranty or return to function after a week of drying doesn’t solve the ‘can’t take photos on special trip’ problem.

I suspect they are not nearly well enough waterproofed and should not be judged ‘fit for purpose’ - I’d be happy if some agitation saw re-design with more robust seals that really worked.

Keen to hear if this is something you can find out more about.

Rod W

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I’ve always used Olympus for tough/underwater cameras and I’ve never had any problems with them.

Currently have an Olympus Tough TG-3 (which has been superseeded by the TG-4). It’s outstanding and the microscope feature is pretty cool

  • Very wide zoom lens
  • Very bight lens (underwater is much darker generally)
  • Double locking waterproof doors
  • Great photos
  • Ready to shoot almost instantly from powering it on

I always make sure to rinse the (locked!) camera under fresh water after it is used in the ocean. I’ll also take a few shots and turn it on/off. Not a huge underwater photographer, but I like to have the flexibility and I like a tougher camera that I don’t have to be so delicate with.


I prefer my feet to be on dry land, so this isn’t one I know much about - but I saw that @boblorel is a photographer! Bob, do you have any experience with underwater cameras?

Afraid not … and I should put “Amateur” in front of photographer in my case! 8*)
I haven’t done any underwater work, nor for that matter am I likely to given the rare times I venture in. Sorry about that.

I’d be interested to read people’s GoPro experiences as well if anyone on here has one. I’ve thought about buying one for a while now but not sure whether it is worth it (over a waterproof digi camera).

I already have a DSLR but want something a bit smaller for when I can’t be bothered to take out a full kit or the weather is terrible and it isn’t worth it.

No need to apologise! Whether your professional or a hobbyist - I saw you were passionate about photography, so I thought I’d venture to ask! :slight_smile:

I also don’t venture near water often, so I completely understand! :slight_smile:

A friend recently bought a Nikon AW1 and he is very happy with it. And my daughter has a GoPro. Now that she got used to it she has a lot of fun with videoing in and out of water but not so much for stills photography.
I bought a quality housing for my Sony mirrorless but it was stressful worrying about leakage (though didn’t leak) and I had trouble focusing. So wouldn’t recommend that.

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I too have had 2 panasonic fail on me , the last one becoming damaged the first time it went in the water (my travel insurance paid for it).
Now have Olympus tough stylus 4, which i am actually scared to take in the water!

I also have an Olympus Tough TG-3 and have never had any problems with it. It’s been snorkelling, into the surf and used in chlorinated pools and it’s never had a leak. It’s only used to take happy snaps and I’d say it’s never been taken deeper than 3 or 4 metres. And we certainly haven’t taken nearly as good care of it as @southerton - at best it gets a quick dry off with a towel before thrown in the beach bag :smile:

I’ve used three ‘waterproof’ submersible cameras over the years - a Minolta, a Kodak (remember them !), and a Sanyo. The first two never suffered from leakage, but the Sanyo has issues with its microphone even when you shake all of the water out of it.

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