Waterford mineral water

I was shopping for Waterford mineral water 2l bottles at WW. The Waterford man was in the aisle and told me this product is discontinued and they are changing to a slightly different drink but the price (before retail offers ) has gone from $2 for 2l to $1.80 for 1l an increase of 80%. I have tried their new drink and not only is it 80% dearer but it is not as nice. Their price gouging will reduce your market share significantly, no doubt about that.


Collect your roof water (and run it through a Carbon filter if necessary) and bottle it, you’ll save a lot of money! We take a sufficient quantity of our own roof water to last us when travelling- saves buying it or having to drink town water, which often tastes pretty gross.


Thanks for letting us know @davidlcleland, I’ll be sure to highlight it to my colleagues.


It is curious how that can work both ways. Sometimes an ordinary product can be repositioned into a ‘jewellery’ product by clever marketing and thus demand and get premium prices. Check out the most expensive waters!

Some people feel superior or more successful depending on the label on what they eat and wear, not its substance. There are examples of prices being taken to outrageous levels and volume and profit both skyrocketing! Whether Waterford Water can pull this off by pretending their water is in a league with Waterford Crystal (no relationship) only time and the market will tell.

FWIW an early text book example of this pricing strategy was Concorde.