Washing Machine scored ZERO for Water Efficiency

  • Re CHOICE article on the above topic - where they suggested a 7kg HEIER was a better machine than a 13kg SAMSUNG because it used a lot less water.

  • BUT - RINSE SCORE - the SAMSUNG is top of the class with 98% - the HEIER is pathetic with 78%. Getting the clothes rinsed well is imperative.

  • That’s precisely the reason we dumped our front-loader and went back to a top-loader. We had to put the Front-Loader through a 2nd rinse to stop our baby getting rashes (remember nappies which needed washing??).

  • (As an aside - I wouldn’t touch a HEIER - know a couple of past buyers who weren’t impressed by longevity.)

I re-read that report and did not see anywhere Choice suggested much beyond the smaller Haier uses less water than the larger Samsung, and if water efficiency is your criteria, as it is in the article? Other stats were included for the reader to make their own assessment based on their own value system, as you have done.

When trying to conserve water, there’s a big difference between using 214 litres per wash and 133 litres per wash, especially when you think about how many times you run that machine in a typical week. Here’s how a couple of different machines stack up…

FWIW my LG front loader defaults to 2 rinses but is easily set to 0, 3, or 4 but not 1, if that makes a point.

They don’t generally make sales claiming their machine ‘washes better’ but they probably do if it is also ‘umpteen stars’ efficient, especially when compared to its competition.

The manufacturers essentially design their programs to game the system and get the most efficient rating they can to get attention in the market, even for sacrificing wash-rinse qualities (to a point).

For those who live in areas like this it could be a more interesting choice than for those of us living along the coasts. :wink: