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Washing machine plays a jingle!



My wife and I went out last week to find a new washing machine, as the old one was dying rather painfully. The decision was a tough one for both of us - as she decided to finally make the move from top to front loader. We got a good deal on a Samsung.

I have a different frustration. My study is one wall away from the laundry, and every time a wash ends the machine plays this annoying digital ditty! After I begged on bended knee she has consented to turning the sound off while I’m home, but I wonder how many other machines do the same thing and drive their owners crazy? I can understand the need to notify the owner when the washing is ready, but a simple buzzer (such as we have on the oven timer), or a few toneless beeps, will not annoy me to quite the same extent.


Our LG has an end-tune in lieu of a chime or bing sound, but only a few seconds worth. From a room away I usually hear the clang from the end-of-cycle door unlocking rather than the end-tune.

Not sure why it annoys me, but when it is running there is an image of a shirt getting washed on the LCD panel. 1st world requirement in these times?

A year ago while oven shopping we were gobsmacked by the Bosh controls and gratuitous sounds. Check one out and it might calm you about the Samsung, no matter how irritating it might be.


Just editing my reply here, as I misread the initial post. My step-son has the jingle version as well. While there are instructions on how to turn the jingle off, there’s no way to change the jingle to something else. Welcome to the world of technology.


Our 14 year old F&P beeps about 5 times when a wash is completed. Also has different frequency of beeps when there is a problem. …e.g. out of balance or forgot to turn water on/close lidl


We had a Samsung digital TV that played a jingle at start up and power off. Drove Mr Z mad, and it now sits unused in the farm office, replaced by a TCL. If the washing machine sang to him it would be in the back paddock before the cycle finished.


Hopefully if you announce “dinner” with a melodious call there is no risk you will be in need of a passport? Some human programming is also apparently built in.

Hope you see the lighter side there.

Yes, the beeping of our F&P is rather grating and annoying. Reminds me of the insistent ‘oh! hurry up’ of Steam Shovel from Mr Squiggle.

You can apparently manage many of the behaviours and features of some recent LG washers using a smart phone app, (LG SmartThinQ). It does not yet extend to managing other behaviours, although it might help? :wink:


My Samsung plays a couple of bars of “The Trout Quintet”. I rather like it.


There’s an Easter Egg with Fisher and Paykel washing machines (and mine’s about 10 yrs old) where it plays either the Australian, US or NZ national anthems if you press a certain combination of keys.


Our next door neighbour has a washing machine that plays a short jingle when it has finished.

It reminds me of when our son was playing soccer and one of the other fathers had bought a Mazda 626 which he said played something everytime he touched anything.

He said to me “I thought I was buying a car, not a jukebox on wheels”.



Our new office microwave here at CHOICE is an LG that plays an annoying tune. I’m not sure why I find it so irritating but it really gets on my nerves. I might have to ask some of the cleverer folks here to help me turn it off.


Do you know the model no?

Most microwave ovens have model numbers on the label which can be seen on the inside door frame when the door is open.


Yes, but so far everything I’ve found online says it can’t be turned off.


Nothing in the reviews nor buyers guide about ‘irritating jingles’. Whoever bought it must have chosen a recommended model, right? Maybe they liked the jingle? You might have words with Fiona for this oversight in testing and reporting.

Try contacting LG customer service and support. If that doesn’t provide relief you can get your colleagues together and if they are of the same mind, ask Choice to return it as not fit for purpose under the ACL because it distracts staff. :rofl:


First step: a staff survey to find out whether I’m just being curmudgeonly and actually everybody else really loves it. :smile:


Have you tried a hammer?


Good luck with LG.
Having looked at their latest front loading WMs, LG has obviously decided this is a feature we can’t afford not to live without!

Of course you can turn it off. There should be a switch with the power point on the wall.