Warning Regarding Child Deaths Caused By Fisher-Price Rock'n Play Sleeper

A warning to stop using the Fisher-Price Rock’n Play sleeper as soon as a child can roll over from their back onto their stomach.



The ACCC issues a warning regarding the Fisher-Price Rock 'n Play sleeper.



UPDATE: A long overdue recall of this has finally occurred:

Notice that the American alert about the Fisher-Price sleeper does not mention the word “recall”. It’s actually just an “advisory” warning. Even though a shocking ten babies have died in it (and even far more, according to some reports, see “Why the Fisher-Price sleeper linked to infant deaths hasn’t been recalled”).
There have been numerous investigations that make for shocking reading about consumer protection in the US. The most recent is the Washington Post’s investigation into the Britax BOB jogger which hasn’t been recalled; the manufacturer has just issued “warnings”.
Another read is Fast Company’s investigation into the US “recall crisis” which is about toppling dressers which have caused fatalaties (namely Ikea’s).
As for Australia - we have a very reactive product safety laws, which is why we have a campaign for a General Safety Provision.