Wall mounted air conditioner with no external unit

I’ve seen an Ad for a wall mounted, reverse cycle, air con.
It has no outdoor unit, no external installation. ( And it’s not a portable one).

Was wondering if anyone has had any experience with this type of air con?


Sounds very shonky.

Can you post a link and/or some product details?

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Something like one of these.

It still needs an external wall. It utilises a couple of holes made through the wall to complete the heat pump circuit.

The compressor will be inside the house as well as a high pressure fan moving air at high velocity through the two small openings to the outside.

Noise levels?
‘And generates far less noise …’ - trick or treat?

Not cheap, and may require a professional install?

Excuse the scepticism. At the rrp of $3,999 for a 3.4kW cooling and 3.0kW heating unit. 2.5/2.0 star rated. Not a good buy!

A 5/6 star score Choice recommended 3.5kW cooling 4.0kW heating split installed should work out around $2200 or less installed including electrics.


Think I’ll stick with portables :slight_smile:

Haven’t mentioned a Brand or model
@Fred123 because I don’t wish to make it about a particular one.

The Ad got my interest because a wall mounted air con system with no outside motor is new to me, and I think would suit multi-unit living.

While all opinions are valued, I was wondering if anyone has had one installed or has lived where there was one, and therefore would be able to make a comparison from personal experience.

BTW. The Ad mentions a noise level of
57 dB A.

I’d call that noticeably loud. Typical of the old wall rattlers is one comparison.

We had 15 years of these wall rattlers, one in each bedroom living in North Queensland.

External noise level 58dB
Internal noise level 52dB

Being stressed and over tired one usually fell asleep to the drone and rattle somewhere around 1-2am. :sleeping:

Quality modern split systems are no more than a gentle whooshing of air, with all the noisy bits hopefully far away in the outdoor unit. And also much quieter than a wall rattler.