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Wages Theft Cases

The latest case of reported underpayment of employees by some $1.1 million, this time by Japanese burger giant, MOS Burgers.

A class action by migrant workers against pizza manufacturer, Della Rosa for around $1 million.


Grill’d accused of ripping off its employees.

Looks like the burgers are getting grilled whilst the staff are getting burnt.

And it looks like ripping off the employees is just one of many problems at Grill’d.

What a fantastic business.


Nothing will change until the people responsible are treated in exactly the same way as other thieves. You rob a bank of $1M and you’ll almost certainly end up behind bars. You rob your staff of $1M and the corporate entity will pay a modest fine while you, who committed the robbery, will get an extra bonus.


An update on the Grill’d saga.


Grill’d gets another serve.


Who would have thought?


Perfectly understandable.

Huge companies with thousands of employees cannot be expected to focus on all the important details like the little bloke can and does as his livelihood depends on doing so.

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Such companies also have audit departments. Strange they don’t seem to audit the pay office or if they do the reports get lost.

They also have IT departments who don’t seem to select payroll software that is powerful enough or reliable enough to deal with the law.

And it is odd that as the award system has been simplified over the last ten years the incidence of “misunderstandings” has grown. So much complexity so little time.

But it’s all just human error, there are overpayments happening as we speak that the companies do not claw back. Oddly no evidence has ever been produced to support the idea that overpayments are anything like the magnitude of underpayments.

It’s just shocking how big business gets victimised so much. Calumny abounds. But who is responsible?


World Vision joins the wages theft club.

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Qantas joins the wages theft party.

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An article regarding underpayment of around 20% of clothing workers in Australia.

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Sadly, our experience in regional NSW is of commonly below minimum wages for hospitality workers in small businesses. My wife is a new Australian and is constantly targeted by “kind” employers offering her undocumented and unpredictable hours of work at below minimum wage to “help” her get into the employment market. When she no longer relies on these magnanimous gestures for our livelihood, I want to start a campaign of window stickers for cafes and restaurants that read “I PAY AWARD WAGES” so at least the consumer can make an informed decision on where to buy coffee.


Victoria gets serious regarding wages theft.

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About time something more serious was put in place to protect the wage earners from those who are less scrupulous bosses.

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The ABC settles their wages theft case.

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As I outlined earlier, for government organisations like ABC to inadvertently underpay employees possibly shows the system is broken or hard to effectively manage by employers.

With all the red tape from Commonwealth and State Governments and differing requirements for different employees, no wonder it is hard to get it right.

There should be a government inquiry in how to simplify the existing arrangements to ensure it is simple to implement by employers and understandable to employees.

The system is that complex that even employees can’t see when underpayment occurs, and often requires independent experts to find where deficiencies occur.

Something is really wrong with the current system.


Not to ignore multiple independent experts could each have divergent opinions on a matter. Been there, seen that. Which expert shall ‘we’ go with? There is pressure on the executive to go with the one supporting a ‘least cost’ outcome, and they hope that is right or at least honestly justifiable if it hits the fan.


Another case and shows there is a problem with the current multi-government and highly fractured and confusing system…


Another alleged wages theft case.

Of course the employer denies it. Surprise, surprise.

They possibly didn’t know. I expect many more big and small businesses to come clean as the current system is unworkable/unmanageable to most employees unless all employees are on the same award scheme. Unfortunately, unless they are a small business, this is unlikely.