If anyone is considering following @phb in moving to Tassie and running an accomodation business, here is an opportunity.

The first time we went to Tassie was in late 1993, and after we left the ferry in Devonport, I missed a turn at a roundabout and we ended up travelling over the high country in our SS Commodore until we stopped at a fork in the road.

The right hand dirt road had a sign about a historic power station, and when a local pulled up in his Landcruiser ute, we asked him whether it was worth visiting and if our vehicle would handle the road, to which he replied that it was definitely worth a visit and our vehicle should be ok if we took it steady.

We arrived at Waddamana Power Station which was open but with nobody there, so we proceeded to tour it and observe all the displays and historic photos.

As someone who started their career in the hydro power industry, I was fascinated, as was our then teenage son who is now an engineer.

We departed and managed to get to the Hobart to Queenstown Road and made our way to the former hydro village of Tarraleah where a mate who was a control operator at the nearby Tarraleah hydro power station, had arranged accomodation for us in one of the spare houses used for visitors.

He said that Waddamana was still fully operational, and when the HEC needed it online, he or one of the other operators would drive there and run it up.

There is a second hydro power station near Tarraleah, Tungatinah hydro power station, which is fed by a barrel stave pipeline system which has to be seen to be believed.


And whilst you are out and about, you can also visit the Lake Margaret hydro power station which also has a barrel stave pipeline.


Saw this yesterday. It isn’t buying into a town, but buying half a town.

An interesting proposition to someone who likes remote living while trying to make a effort at a (multiple) home business.