VW's financing arm slapped with a $200k fine for 20 infringement notices

VW receives infringement notices for its latest ad campaign, which contained hidden and unclear terms and conditions, alleged The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). The terms contained additional fees and the need to make a major lump sum payment after 48 months.

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I’m shocked and stunned’ that VW has acted dishonestly, who would have thought VW would do anything to mislead its existing or potential customers?
Their behaviour in recent years has had all the hallmarks of a good corporate citizen.

Sarcasm is sometimes is not obvious in print but that is what I’m attempting, but before any other forum user thinks I’m just VW bashing they would be right after all this is the company that gave us emission cheats on an industrial scale.


$200k fine for millions in sales… meh. Imagine how many people would drive drunk if the fine was $2 and a slap on the wrist.