Vote for the CheckOut

Our friends at The CheckOut have been nominated for a Logie Award.

If you’re a fan, head over and leave a vote for them! You must vote in all 10 categories and leave a mobile number for your vote to count :trophy:.


I’ve added my vote. The Checkout is not only educational, it’s funny and has good production values.

I had to vote somewhat at random in some of the categories in which I don’t watch any of the programs or find them all equally without merit! This is the first time I’ve voted in the Logies so thanks for the pointer.


Nice one, thanks @kushami :slight_smile:


But what a lame selection of alternatives in most of the categories. Also a good reminder of why I don’t need to waste time or money on TV week as a product.

Gruen - which in it’s own style is equally valuable does not even get a mention. But the block does even though it is a very unrealistic take on property value, renovation and push for style over substance?


I tried, but I think ABP must be blocking everything on the voting page, other than the sponsors. I was able to see all the categories and nominations on the prevous page, but haven’t seen or heard of many of the programs or people.
Also, I’m sure it is the first time I’ve ever gone to a web page with “celebrity” in the URL!


i’d love to vote for the ‘Chickout’, but there is no way to vote for only that one category.

I don’t want to offer my support to programs & “personalities” I would not watch even if it was the solitary thing on the TV in a month of wet Sunday afternoons. :frowning:


[quote=“BrendanMays, post:1, topic:15647”]
You don’t have to enter any details to vote[/quote]

Except it says that you have to enter a mobile phone number. Right?


I might be mistaken, but I’m not getting any prompt for a phone number. Do you have a screen grab you can share?


Click the provided link in first post. Page says

You must vote in all 10 categories. You will also be required to submit your mobile phone number after selecting who you want to vote for in each category - you will receive a code to enter in to the voting form, and you can then submit your vote. This is in order to verify and validate your vote.

(my emphasis)

By requiring a “unique” identifier, they ensure that a person can only vote once, giving some integrity to the vote, but at a potential cost to the voter of being spammed forever on the mobile phone.


You are correct, I went through the process earlier in the week and didn’t receive the same prompt, but perhaps I was rushing through it.

In any case, I’ve ammended the original post. Thanks for highlighting the error! :thumbsup:


If you did not get an SMS and enter in a code received then it may be your vote was discounted at the checkout?

Perhaps the better response would be for “The Checkout” to withdraw from nomination?

How would Choice or “The Checkout” review “TV Week” as a product?
What would it rate or score for content, quality, reliability/accuracy and journalistic integrity?
There has been much debate in previous years as to the rules for nomination and the short list selection process.

I don’t know the truth of any of this!

It must be great for a show and it’s actors/staff to nail a logie and its great brand promotion. But is it really worth it in integrity? Or is it akin to the “polished turd” of Gruen fame also deriving from a similar substance or “log”.


Done. Annoying that the “excuse” for requiring your mobile number as an original identifier (ostensibly to prevent multiple votes from one person) is that you run the risk of receiving spam SMS’s for ages until you block all the numbers.


Sorry, but I am not voting, even though I’m big fan of The CheckOut. I have a policy of NEVER providing my mobile number for online promotions, competitions etc. I get enough spam via email without also being inflicted with spam phone calls and SMS messages. If they’d provided the option to send the voting code to an email address I would have been happy to vote, as I operate several ‘junk’ email addresses for just such purposes.


The voting has closed early, 1400 hrs Sunday, 1st July.

? A snip taken at 3:31PM (AEST)