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Volvo To Limit Top Speed Of Vehicles

An article regarding Volvo introducing factory set speed limits to a mere 180 km/h.

When I was a teenager, my best mate’s father gave him an old Ford V8 Customline to drive after he had his mechanics limit it to a maximum speed of 40 m/h.

My mate then had only 2 speeds. Stationary and 40 m/h, corners included.

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It rules it out of the Cannon Ball Run.


Impeding traffic on the Autobahns? Interesting to see how their market share goes in Germany. A few years ago I was a pax in a VW Golf going 140 kph on an open segment, being regularly passed like we were parked.

I suspect Volvos will be able to get out of the way smartly, so could be OK.


Not all autobahns are unrestricted. Australia does not have autobahns and does have speed limits set at 110km/h, but it does have plenty of accidents due to high speed. Maybe a top speed limit is worthy. (I know NT has unrestricted highways, but it is just a territory.)

Those that live there might disagree.
So is the ACT.

Perhaps it is the absence of Volvo’s on a Territory roads that requires remedy? :wink:

Good idea.

That used to be the case but I don’t think that is true now, it looks to me their max speed is the Stuart Highway 130kph.

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Speed is apparently not the top problem. Drunk drivers can kill themselves and others at any speed.


Indeed they might :slight_smile: Australian territories outnumber states 10 to 6, 3 on the mainland, but if we are talking mainland the ratio is 3 to 5 :wink: Population is a ‘tad lower’ in the territories I guess …

We had a ‘derestricted zone’ for a couple of years recently under the CLP - there were no issues with it. Prior to 2007 much of the territory had no posted limit. It’s been a tit-for-tat thing between the CLP and Labor all along … 130 Km/h is it now and sadly no indication of it changing.

The concept of ‘contributing factor’ is a matter for debate - lies and statistics to push an agenda perhaps a cynic might suggest. If it was about road safety there would be a lot less cars on the road here, not to mention a lot less drivers (licensed or otherwise). Reducing speed limits is pandering to the lowest common denominator to some degree IMO.