Vital Call false alarms

My mother lives alone and has a history of falls. We’ve signed her up to Vital Call and it’s been great - sent an ambulance when she had a fall in her driveway last year, then notified me. It’s reassuring to know she has the pendant around her neck and can get help if even if she can’t get to the phone.

However for the last month or so, Vital Call have been notifying me every time she leaves the house. I’ve been told that they are upgrading the system and need to check every time the pendant moves away from the base station, but no one can tell me when these annoying calls will stop. Seeing a missed call from Vital Call can be anxiety provoking. And they are calling my mother almost every day asking her to test the unit, which worries and upsets her. Testing used to be more like once a month.

The representative from Vital Call I spoke to told me both that the extra calls are a “safety feature” and that they will “hopefully stop soon”. Which is it? I asked if other customers were calling to complain - she said they were, but clearly there was nothing she could do about it.

It’s a shame because this was a useful service, but at the moment the false alarms are making it just annoying, and there’s no indication of when or whether it will stop.


@shan Sounds like they had a good system in place but maybe now are trying to upgrade it and are finding a few bugs in the system . Annoying but probably a temporary thing .


Perhaps there is an issue with the pendant your mother wears. Could you ask them to get a newer version that won’t have these issues?

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Thanks for the suggestion. Mum has the latest model pendant and base station. From my phone conversation with the Vital Call support staff it seems that they are upgrading their system so this is a problem affecting all their clients.

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