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I had prescription lenses reglazed into my frames for one year when i couldnt see properly, I noticed a strange pattern over both lenses’and realised my vision had been gradually been getting worse for some time.I emailed VISION DIRECT about the problem and got TOO BAD only 3 MONTHS warranty,what lens cleaner did you use.I replied O.P.S.M. glasses cleaner with microfibre cloth,we’ve been using for it years no problems.
Their quality control is bad.
The link on Their website “how to clean your glasses” does not exist, but adjacent links work fine.
the crazed pattern may be the coating, but is difficult to see.
Then they offered to send lenses to an optician that I could pay to have them fitted to my frames.
when i suggested their own endorsed opticians in Bondi Junction,they said we dont know if they do it.
They wont replace their failed product.Try to get your money back from china. Then get the runaround.

Hi @peter_16,

Your post is confusing. Do you mean that your eyesight was progressively deteriorating for a year, and then you bought new lenses?

You also imply the further deterioration of your vision was caused by the ‘strange pattern’ on the lenses. It is possible the lenses were fine albeit possibly having developed fine scratches as lenses do, but your eyesight deteriorated in that time making it more noticeable?

Isn’t replacing lenses and sending them to an optician for installation replacing their product? Any optician can replace lenses if they were properly ground for your particular frames. Our locals mostly charge around $20 to replace lenses and IME provide top service while doing so, hoping to make a new customer.

My local optician did that, and yes, he got me as a customer.

That was an interesting comment on what looks like a domestic web site, but reaffirmed in the T&C

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I have had hardened lens coatings (scratch resistant silicone coating) craze due to exposure to alkaline chemicals eg in my case lime and cement dusts and moisture combining to create an alkaline solution. Oven cleaners can also cause this effect if any residue in the air comes into contact with the lenses

Not always is it the fault of the makers. They may fight back on this if they suspect chemical damage.


Thanks for the comments,I have several pairs of glasses without these problems and the exposure to ambient environmentals are similar,including cleaning solutions.
My gradual decreasing vision is due to surface light splatter from the glasses,there are no fine scratches,there are whorly patterns that could be the coatings degrading.
The costs of recutting lenses was not part of the deal,suggest you look at recent posts on the same subject that is vision direct.

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I’m not saying it is chemical degradation, but it might be a reason. Just something to consider.

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Apologies if I misunderstood since you posted

that implied to me that they were wiling to replace the lenses at no cost if you paid to have them fitted. If they required payment to recut under the circumstances, noting it would be reasonable they wanted some sort of verification of the fault, I agree you are well within your rights to be dissatisfied and I hope you get an acceptable resolution.


Visiondirect have now offered to replace the lenses in my glasses,obviously what should have been done in the first place.
I still dont know why only one set was affected.


It is a great outcome and pleased they have come to the party with rectifying the coated glasses they sold.

There could be many reasons the coating failed, such are poor curing, problem with the chemicals, something the glasses have been exposed to etc. You can ask them on collection of your replacements, after they have had a chance to examine them, to see if they know what caused the coating to fail.

It is worth noting for those who are interested, Choice has covered glass coatings,vin particular blue light filtering in the past. The article can be found here…

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