Virgin Australia's horrible refund process

Virgin Australia’s horrible refund process

Recently changed an airline booking (3 months out from departure date) for group of 4. The cost and inconvenience was unbearable. Worse, the refund was processed into the name of the traveller who could not fly because of illness. What a shambles as I had made the booking and one would have expected any refund to made to be credited to me. By far the worst refund system I have encountered. Is it lawful as it traps consumer into making future bookings with Virgin - heaven forbid…

@jemprior we’ve heard a few other stories about Virgin’s refund process that haven’t been fantastic. Did you have the money for the ticket credited into a “travel bank” account?

If you’re a CHOICE member you might like to try contacting CHOICE Help to see if they can help you get a satisfactory resolution with Virgin. You can find out more here:

Yes, minimal refund was credited to Travel Bank account…not in my name (from whence it came) but amount was credited to the party who could not travel…what a hopeless arrangement! As I made the original booking and paid for group of 4…surely it would have been reasonable to expect that I would have been refunded not the person who could not travel. Most laughable refund arrangement I know of…probably won’t book with these dopes again !!

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@jemprior it does sound very strange. Again, I’d say please lodge a request through CHOICE Help if you’re a CHOICE member as we have contacts at Virgin who we may be able to liaise with if you’re having no luck.

Otherwise, you might like to try getting in touch with the Airline Customer Advocate to see if they’re able to negotiate a better outcome for you. They are the industry’s independent resolution service and are there to assist customers who have no achieved a satisfactory outcome with customer service.

Good luck and let us know how it goes. I think you should be able to get a better resolution if you keep pushing for it!