VIC First home buyes stamp duty cuts

Hello Choice Community,

I’m a first home buyer waiting to buy my first home.

VIC Premier Daniel Andrews announced that Victorian government will remove stamp duty for properties less then 600,000 form 1st of July (source:

To be eligible for this tax cut, is it enough to have the settlement date after 1st of July or do I have to sign the contract after the 1est of July.



The devil is in the detail, and as far as I can tell there is no legislation on the table, only a statement of intent. Your only safe source would be advice from government, but historically if they give you bad information they will take no responsibility anyway and you could cop it. I suggest your best avenue would be to lodge the question with your local state member, as well as Treasurer Tim Pallas. Considering the lightening speed they answer honest questions you may be best served by watching and waiting.

My cynical nature expects that while stamp duty might go down the cost of properties will rise by the same amount at the same time, or close enough.


Thanks for the response.

Yes, I was also thinking the housing prices may also go up by a similar amount by that time.

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