Very poor customer service from Solar Power NSW

I purchased a solar system from Solar Power NSW in 2011, and the inverter has broken down three times. On each occasion, I had to make multiple phone calls to the company to have the issue rectified. Originally I was put through to a human answering service who took down my details and was assured someone would call me back. Nobody ever called me back, even after weeks of calls. I eventually had to lodge a complaint with the department of Fair Trading, who were able to contact the company. My inverter was eventually replaced, but certainly not in a timely manner. I had a similar experience the second time my inverter broke down…phone messages were never returned…complaint lodged with fair Trading…inverter replaced after months of waiting. When my inverter broke down the third time, I sent a letter of demand to Solar Power NSW asking for a full refund, citing the Australian Consumer Law, and how they sold me a product with a major fault, and had I known this from the start I would not have purchased it. I also lodged another complaint with fair Trading. As expected, they refused, but at least I got their attention which was one thing I was unable to get in the past. After weeks of negotiating, we agreed on a replacement inverter of a different brand.

Solar Power NSW have absolutely no after sales service. Unless you can get Fair Trading Involved, any warranty claim is useless because they simply won’t return your calls.

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That sounds like a really frustrating experience! There shouldn’t be so many barriers to going green! Sorry to hear about your experience!