Very poor customer service by GHD

I have been asked to pass on the following by a friend:

I purchased a new limited edition powder blue “platinum +” hair styler at a cost of $385 (incl $10 postage) from GHD as a gift for a family member, to match their new bathroom decor.

The item was registered with GHD’s website for warranty.

The item arrived as expected, but it soon became obvious after a few uses that it was faulty. The item was reported to GHD and sent back after they provided a returns label to send postage paid.

2.5 weeks later, a SMS was sent to me to say they had received the item & it my request (replacement) would be actioned. Another month went by without a replacement arriving.

I called to discuss the replacement’s whereabouts, and the operator agreed that they had no idea why another had not been sent.

I was told that the limited edition powder blue “platinum +” hair styler is no longer available & they were going to send another (not limited edition) black model which we didn’t desire. Had I wanted to buy a readily available black model, I could have gone out and bought one.

Clearly no attempt had been made by GHD to source a replacement limited edition powder blue “platinum +” hair styler from one of their stockists, despite them being listed as being still available from retailers selling the GHD products.

So a total of over 7 weeks later, no replacement has been received.

An unimpressed email was sent to the company after this poor customer service. No reply has been received.

Watch this space 🤣

It should be noted that a $375 hair styler is at the very top end of the market, and was only purchased because it was the family member’s favoured colour and matched the bathroom’s decor.


Add them to the shonky award list i suppose

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From the GHD web site.

We shall (at our option) either repair or replace the defective Product, or refund the price of the defective Product in full.

Dealing with GHD is one thing, but getting it done and a replacement limited edition model while still available - your friend should be encouraged to

  • get a refund
  • buy a limited edition model wherever there is stock
  • hope it is not faulty nor fails for a long time

This is what put a burr under her blanket: If they would have responded straight away, seven weeks previously, the limited edition blue would still have been available.

This is what we discussed. She said she was going to ask for a refund so she could go to one of the retailers, but felt that GHD should have made the effort to do that. The problem is that she lives in a coastal town, and would have to travel to a larger metropolis to make the purchase.

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Not an online shopper?

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Apparently she bought the appliance on-line, but said that she would have to drive to the retailers. Perhaps to get the replacement item before they are all gone?

ID suspects via the net and ring them. Many will be happy to put her name on one and arrange delivery on a phone order and that is crisper than an online order form. Not all merchants will do that, but.