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Vegan diets

Vegan-curious? Eating a well-balanced plant-based diet requires some know-how. We give our top tips for a healthy vegan diet.


Another article warning about some pitfalls of vegan diets.

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I agree with your sentiment @meltam. While not a novel idea, generally speaking the need for newsrooms to drive engagement in this way is as prominent as ever (regardless of topic). What if we approached news in the same way we approached statistics? If you find articles/statements worthy of closer consideration, please add them to our Is It True section for discussion :+1:


With all the interest in non meat food options, there is an increasing trend for cafes etc to offer Vegetarian and Vegan options. Mixed dining opportunities!

We’ve been away visiting for a few weeks, which increases the opportunities to eat or snack out. For anyone choosing the Vegan alternatives the options were quite appealing. Enough for one regular meat eater to try some of the Vegetarian or Vegan options.

Some of the burgers (roast pumpkin and halloumi with beetroot relish etc) were quite impressive. There are plenty of online recipes around for those interested. Apologies to those with strict interpretations of what Vegan diets prescribe.

I think Vegans would delete the egg and substitute …?