UVVU (UltraViolet Digital Movie Library) shutting down

UVVU have announced they are shutting down their library service in July this year. If you have used digital movie codes (that you paid extra for mind you’) to have access to the movies you purchased in a digital form this may mean you lose access unless you move to another digital store/library provider. Not every title you own may be included in the new service/s you sign up to.

As you paid extra for a service what are the ACCC and other parties who are responsible for consumer protections doing in this regard, are clients entitled to a refund, should some alternative service be offered by UVVU and I mean that they find it and provide it rather than leaving it to a customer.

In the meantime if you are tempted to buy a copy of a movie at stores because it has digital access just be very wary that you might be getting something you won’t be able to access after July this year. I also note that at least one other similar service has ceased business last year.

This is perhaps a good one for Choice to look into as an investigation of the digital library industry. @BrendanMays?


Thanks for flagging it @grahroll, I’ll be sure to pass on the info :+1:


Here is the link to the announcement…



I am very disappointing that they are closing down the service. But I did see this happening when it started. I’m pretty sure you don’t own the media on the streaming service, but have access to it like a long term rental. When I was walking through JB Hi-Fi over the weekend I saw that most of the new release blu-rays still had UltraViolet codes with no display about the closure. I feel that may be dishonest to consumers buying something that they may only have a month left to use.