Utility late payment charges

Now we have got non customer ATM charges out of the way. What about. Charges made for late payments to Utilities, surely it does not cost up to $15 to send another reminder. Is it not possible for them to send you an SMS to tell you your payment hasn’t arrived if yo supplied them your phone number. Most services now want you to go paperless to save them even more money,so I can’t see why the utilities can’t come to the party wit this.


While charging for the use of other banks’ ATMs is a different can of worms, the $15 late fee sounds unreasonable.

Perhaps a graduated approach, of say a SMS/email notice that the payment is late, and then if the money still hasn’t arrive a week later, a small percentage (0.5-1%?) of the total outstanding as a late fee.


Telstra charges $15 late payment fee so I “charged” them $15 for late reconnection connection of ADSL after I returned from overseas. They “agreed” but wouldn’t confirm in writing beyond a total refund amount sent by text. Their last two bills have not refunded what they incorrectly charged and said they would refund. They refuse to rewrite bills with totally incorrect charges and this happened on my last bundle. The balance seems against the consumer. Perhaps there should be equivalent penalties applied as I attempted.

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I can see why you are annoyed, I doubt you will get satisfaction unless you ask for the manager to give you a ring. I have not used Telstra as a provider. I am quite happy with TPG for value and internet speed.