Using dishwasher powder in the prewash outperforming dishwasher tablets

Has anyone watched the youtube video that compares using tablets to using powder in both the main wash and the prewash?

The premise is that you get much better cleaning performance by having some detergent present during the prewash, which doesn’t happen when you use a tablet.

I think it’d be interesting if Choice were to test this theory:

1 tablet


powder in main compartment, prewash and then rinse aid in the rinse aid dispenser

I still have some Earth Choice Dish Tablets left, so I’ve been using a tablet in the main compartment and Shine dishwasher powder concentrate in the prewash area.

I’ve tried it twice so far, but I don’t think I’ve had any loads dirty enough that it’d be all that obvious. The real test will be when I run out of tablets and I use powder only, but I’ll have to make sure I top up the rinse aid dispenser.

Youtube: Detergent packs are kinda wishy-washy (Dishwashers Explained)


All I got was an add for another of those dodgy battery air conditioners?

…a video about dishwasher detergent.

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Ah, Mia culpa.
Should have waited for the ad to finish playing.
Fine print in the bottom RHS of the little video box on the iPad. :disappointed:

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Did this post get flagged because I mentioned the dishwasher detergent brands I am using or just because of the ad in front of the YouTube video?

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No worries. It apparently was the ad. The flag was dismissed.


I use Earth dishwasher tablets also and only the “Quick” wash (on our ASKO), and, fortunately, I’ve had no trouble getting a perfectly clean wash. Regarding rinsing, I alway give items a quick rinse under a tap before placing in machine. An note referring to Earth products: I use a number of their products and am very satisfied with the results. I send this reply just to share my experience with our dishwasher and to mention how I feel about EARTH products. Thank you for sharing your experience.

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Welcome to the community Cathy.

Is that ‘Earth Choice’?
We use their DW tablets, which come in cardboard box and water soluble wrapper.

As we are on rooftop tank water we don’t generally rinse. The DW rinse cycle seems to do the job fine, and saves water. Miele on a Sensor Wash cycle, or Eco as appropriate. Any really greasy plates or pans etc we hand wipe before putting in the DW using paper towel or the used disposable napkins from the meal.

Our prior experience with F&P Drawer type DW have been equally good using just powder (half recommended) and the liquid rinse aid.

Yes, it is Earth Choice that I use. I’m just trying to use the friendliest products. It sounds to me as if you’re doing all the right things. You’ve given me some good ideas. Thanks so much!

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Wasteful of water. Wasteful water practices are unnecessary and cost you money.

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After trying various powders and tablets I found Aldi Trimat Advanced Sensitive (no perfume) concentrated laundry liquid best with the “Rinse Aid” (Aldi or more expensive brands) automaticaly added.
The rational is that Laundry Liquid is designed to remove food etc from clothing which is not always as easy as washing plates etc.
The results of my using this detergent solution for some months now is:-

  1. the bottom filter is remarkably clean i.e. no sticky fat coating the inside of the filter unit after the wash.
  2. Glasses, knives etc and plates are shiny after washing.
  3. Lipstick and tannin stains from coffee and tea still require precleaning.
  4. butter etc is left on electropolished cuttlery especialy knives. Simply brushing off lumps of oily or fatty food results in sparkling clean cuttlery.
  5. Some foods that have been left to harden overnight or longer are best rinsed and brushed before putting in the dishwasher. (I use the base model Miele and the Sensor wash setting. The Normal setting is inferior regardless of the detergent used.
  6. Artwork on cups etc is not bleached as it is by caustic (more expensive) detergents.
  7. There are no “rust spots” on cuttlery.
    Hope it works for you,

Welcome to the community @rob.sleigh

That is certainly thinking outside the box and getting a good outcome. Do you stack your dishes and only run the dishwasher when full (eg there is dried on food of all types) or daily (eg before the food dries or sets)? Do you do pots and pans as well as dishes and cutlery?

Has anyone else tried this or similar?