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I recently posted a user review of my new induction cooktop (Whirlpool ACM795BA). I just went back to edit the review as I now have more information but I cannot edit the original nor post a second supplementary comment. I can see that you don’t want the review function spammed by those who might like to manipulate the system but this seems a tad inflexible.

To be more specific, in the review I questioned whether the mounting of the cooktop would settle over time or if it was going to remain with a gap between the cooktop and bench which would collect dirt. I can now report that it has settled and, given that there are practical limits to how small a seal can be between two surfaces, I am quite happy with the fit into the bench. I think this would be useful information to prospective buyers as it takes away some uncertainty that I had over the ability to clean the stove in the long term.

As the user reviews are already moderated is it possible to make the interface a bit more flexible?


I can see your problem, but can also see why discourse may be set up this way.

If one edits an old reply, it comes up as a thread in the latest topics list eventhough a new reply was not created. If one has read the thread in the past, one may open it to see that there are no new replies and then close it down…not realising that a reply higher in the list has been edited and contains new information. This may mean any new information edited in an old post is not seen by other members, the same way a new reply would be. I can see why new information a lot later on is dealt with by avnew reply.

However, if one sees a mistake (e.g. incorrect information, dusfunctional link, typo etc) in a earlier reply one has made and is unable to edit it out, this error remains in perpetuity. If one does not read the whole thread, then another member may consider the mistake as being correct rather than in err.


The reviews on the site are actually two seperate systems, although we have had discussion about changing this. Within the scope of any changes, I’d be happy to pass on your suggestion and agree it would be good to have this flexibility.

In the meantime, if you want to email me at with an edited version I can request the changes :+1:


Whoops, misread the OP. My comments were about the forum not


No problem, the two are often viewed as one part :slight_smile: