USB charging E-Cigarettes could cause Malware Infection

Had a look at this on BestVPN . Seems to be alot of what “could” happen but not what is happening . I guess forewarned is forearmed or that’s what “they” say anyway .I’m still trying to define “they” . I guess they’re out there somewhere , the truth always is .:smile_cat:


I looked and also saw a lot of ‘could’ statements, but this applies to any USB device, not just vapes (e-cigs). Any USB device that has firmware and also plugs in for interaction or for recharging could be used for the same purpose. Haven’t heard of it happening and a company doing so would be outed very quickly.

Could be a media streaming device, a GPS, the list is long. Heck, release a modem/router with compromised firmware and have direct access to the network it services!

As for a company blocking staff from recharging their vapes . . . if they haven’t already blocked staff from plugging in USB devices they are already asking for it. One infected USB storage stick to load a few pictures to brighten a users desktop with snaps of the kids and they are gone! SOP for good IT says disable users abilities to connect anything to a work PC. Charging devices can be done in so many ways a network connected company PC isn’t needed.

I don’t believe that it is much of a problem. My question (as a user of e-cigs) is why that particular device and not others? What is the non-smoking world’s problem with vaping when it doesn’t affect them?


A few interesting points that might help answer.