US freight-forwarding services compared

We take a close look at Australia Post’s Shopmate and compare it with other freight forwarding services, plus we offer a few tips to avoid any problems when shipping goods.

Do you have experience with freight forwarding services? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


Does anybody have feedback on using MYUS for getting US shopping sent to Australia. I’m see a lot of bad feedback online.

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Welcome to the Community @DoreenW

Since your topic may be interesting to a wide audience I merged it into this existing (although dated) topic by Choice.

Excluding Choice, most review sites are anecdotal on the best days and unhappy customers are far more likely to post reviews than satisfied ones.

It is interesting that MYUS reviews on Trustpilot are weighted at 3.8/5 but productreview suggests to stay away with only 1.4. Again, unhappy customers are more likely to post and trustpilot and productreview may (or may not) have different membership demographics.

The problems customers experience seem to be consistent with complaints about similar issues. Any response from an individual here is going to each be a sample of 1 and thus not authoritative or indicative of your own probable experience if you chose to do business with them.

The Choice article above is dated and much has changed from companies coming and going to GST issues, but it might be helpful in some manner.

As for Community feedback? Anyone?


The Choice report while not all inclusive was updated as of March 2022.