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Upright Go 2 smart posture improver review


It might take some discipline from the user, but this device could help improve your posture over time. Read the full review below.

Do you have any experience with posture devices? Please share your thoughts below.


No never heard of them until now. I must have been living under a mushroom.

The only ones I have heard of relate to correction of curved spines…but these are mechanical rather than smart.


The only experience that I have is a friend who wore a passive device in the office. It was lumbar pad that was worn roughly over the kidneys. If seemed to work but was incompatible with ergonomic chairs that have their own lumbar bump.

Re the reviewed device I wonder if it is comfortable to wear under your office clothes. Also would those who wear fashion clothing to work want to have a lump under their shirt/blouse/top. Given the effort some folks make to get a smooth line under their clothing this could be a show-stopper.