Unreliable toll transport costing customers $$$$$usands!

Hundreds of horse breeders and studs rely on TOLL (who have a virtual monopoly) to transport cooled stallion semen all over the country, and pay an extra premium fee for "prompt overnight delivery ".
TOLL’s cavalier, unprofessional attitude to the all too frequent delays or even loss of the shipments is deplorable!!!
Breeding to a distant stallion usually costs thousands of dollars in service fees, collection fees and vet fees for prepping the mare, and a successful pregnancy depends primarily on the semen shipment arriving ON TIME…2 or 3 days later is too late and the semen will be ‘dead’ and the mare no longer receptive anyhow.
TOLL’s “too bad - so sad” attitude or a very reluctant “we wont charge you for your next shipment” does nothing to help breeders that have to spend thousands more because of TOLL’s lousy ‘service’!!!

If there are that many of you, can I suggest banding together and insisting on contract terms that require TOLL to pay for the damage of being late? You will need to be a big, organised group in order to demand anything from a big company, but their ‘terms of trade’ are not carved in stone. As a large group, you should also be able to get your message out a lot more easily than through this relatively small community. While I imagine TV news initially carrying your story as their ‘on a lighter note’ filler, if you can sustain a campaign then you will start hurting TOLL’s profits; companies always want to find solutions at that point.

Alternatively, there are other companies that are used to carrying human semen - and other medical bits and bobs that just have to get there on time. Would any of them be interested in getting into the horse semen transportation business?

(One can imagine the courier’s dilemma: “Now, which one of these refrigerated boxes was horse semen, and which was the human stuff?”)

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Some points there worth considering…the numbers may not be enough tho unfortunately …