Unit Pricing NOT so special

Special Indeed. Not once but twice for different Golden Circle juice products, so it was not just a one off error.


Good spotting @meltam :thumbsup:

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The problem is either with it being wrongly advertised as a special/ or the “was” price being incorrect, not with the unit price. However, as usual, the unit price is too far from the selling price and the print is much too small.


I slipped it in on the basis that the unit pricing had not changed even though it was on special.

Oh and the variants around it were $3 each as well, so there was no pricing input error. The error was putting up the special card not once but twice.

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Isn’t that very special?


Looks like it is not on special but the new 'lower’ standard price. I wonder if they got the wrong signage and it should have been a priced dropped one since 15 May 2017.

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