Understanding the things we use

Hello CHOICE community

It’s Phil here from IF.

We’ve been working recently with the New Things team at CHOICE, exploring ways to help people understand the things they own better - focussing primarily on connected devices.

We’ve just posted the first in a series of blog posts on the topic. Give it a read and let us know if it sparks any thoughts, feedback or ideas.

We’ll be following up with more blog posts as we go.

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“Lots of people included home appliances in their response, showing
people don’t distinguish between connected and unconnected products.”

Of course we distinguish. But you specifically said “electrical” products - what did you expect? Surely the most used electrical product in any home is the refrigerator.

If you’d wanted to know about connected, or even “electronic” products, you should have said so. To assume that people don’t distinguish because of a badly - or ill-advisedly - worded question is, at best misrepresentation.

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Hi @LangPhil

In you spreadsheet at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1d-UaZV9TAJGJuyhlMAkl80vTNkRX4Ty5vEPBY4NGt3A/edit#gid=0, NAS & Amp are under unconnected devices, which I think is wrong.

A NAS is definitely network connected by definition (otherwise it isn’t a NAS it is local storage). Our Amp is ethernet connected to the network and I think others may have this, so perhaps it should be in the ‘possibly’ column along with TVs. Clock/radios can also be network connected (we also have one of these).

(PS correct spelling of electric)

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I agree with Fred. In my mind electrical appliances are all those we plug in or which run on batteries. The 'fridge, toaster, kettle, coffee machine etc. Electronic devices usually use digital technology and include tv, stereo, mobile phone, computers, DAB radio, printers etc. I would not distinguish for a question like that, within electronic devices, those which are connected or not connected but, of course, I know which are and which are not!

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Thanks for spotting that error, I’ve fixed that in the spreadsheet!

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