Unacceptable quality of bed frame

Bought a queen bed “Duke Living” Essentials Platform from My Deal last year. Due to lockdown, we bought it online so could not inspect. ( 6 mths ago) The bed started to collapse last month -3 legs failed. The material that the legs attached to within the metal frame is cardboard, not even mdf or chipboard! Totally unrepairable. Came with a 10 year warranty so put in a claim - got rejected as it was- quote- “way back last year” - escalated claim and asked for refund, but only offered replacement. Needed the bed asap so relunctantly accepted replacement but will launch another claim for refund if it fails again. Just wanted to share this as I cannot understand how this product can be deemed acceptable with unstable materials in the construction. Please dont buy this product! Inspect a display bed before you buy. Never again!


Welcome to the Community @Chil,

Please read your rights under the Australian Consumer Law. The retailer ‘owns’ your problem. An issue is whether the failure is a major fault or minor fault regarding your rights for refund, replacement, or repair.

You could consider whether a bed with what may be cardboard attachments is acceptable quality.

Search the Community for your rights under Australian Consumer Law and you will find many links to member advice, Choice advice, and ACCC advice, and how to proceed.

If you then need further advice or guidance please post back.


Three legs failing seems to be either a manufacturing defect, damaged during transit or something causing them to fail through the beds use.

Failing legs possibly may be seen as a minor defect as the bed may still be functional until resolution (such as placing books under the bed where the legs were (if they are short stubby legs) or all legs removed and the bed base placed on the floor. If it is a design or quality issue, as outlined by @PhilT, then it could fall into a major defect and something a consumer would not expect when buying a bed.

Whether it is a minor or major defect will drive options for resolution under the Australian Consumer law. It is only a major defect that a consumer can request a refund from the retailer/manufacturer/distributor. If it is a minor defect, the retailer/manufacturer/distributor choses the appropriate resolution.


Are you talking about the Duke Living Essentials Upholstered Platform Bed Base Light Grey?

The bed base may have cardboard under the covering material to give a more rounded shape across the wood/metal frame components. The legs need to be attached to solid metal/wood parts of the frame.

Given that an average queen bed would need to be able to carry up to 200-250kg (for two people), there is no way that constructing a bed base where the legs are attached to cardboard could be considered as safe or fit for purpose under the ACL. Please note that a safety issue can be considered as a major fault under the ACL.

How did you ascertain that the legs were attached to cardboard?