Unable to fwd scam texts to ACMA

Until recently I could forward suspect text messages to ACMA Scamwatch before deleting them.I can still delete them, but the fwd feature seems to dissapeared.Can anyone suggest a solution?


Forward SMS spam to 0429 999 888. Make ACMA a contact in your phone’s address book. Then forward the message to this contact listing.


THANKS ! Very useful. R


Thanks phb
On my iphone I used to do this but recently I have received obvious scam texts where the fwd option is no longer available
I did see a suggestion that it may be because they are sent as a group message rather than to an individual number
Fortunately the delete function is still there
How will we cope when they figure out how to disable the delete?
Some IT Literate member may have a solution.

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If the Forward button has disappeared, this is a bug in app. Try

On your iPhone, go to Settings > Messages > Text Message Forwarding.
If you can’t see Text Message Forwarding, go to Settings > Messages. Turn off iMessage, then turn it back on. Tap Send & Receive, tap Use Your Apple ID for iMessage, then sign in with the same Apple ID used on your other devices.

Then for manually forward texts

  1. Touch and hold the message bubble you want to forward, then tap More.
  2. Select additional text messages, if desired.
  3. Tap Forward and enter a recipient.
  4. Tap Send .

This website also has other methods worth trying if the above doesn’t work:

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My normal messages still have the fwd function.Have done your suggestion and now wait for the next scam and see if any change.


Sorry just wanted clarification is it sCam or sPam (both words are mentioned in the thread) and I can’t find a number for sCamwatch? Thanks

I forward the messages to ACMA Report Spam 0429999888
Sorry about the loose typing

I understand there isn’t a number to forward scam texts to. Currently the only way to report a scam with ScamWatch is to use their online form:

It’s a shame there isn’t a number for ScamWatch as I think we all get a lot more scam than spam

Since so many Scams are by SMS it reminds one how much Scamwatch cares by making it as difficult or tedious as necessary to [hopefully] minimise reports.

An alternative view is they live in yesteryear where scams only came via websites or even the post and respond accordingly.

On balance they want to know if one has lost money so just forwarding a text does not tell the whole story, is not amenable to a form or standardised information, and they do not seem inclined to worry where one has an incoming scam but has not actually been scammed.

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This is possibly why they don’t have onward forwarding of text scams. They could be flooded with texts as usually scammers work by broadcasting their nets far and wide in the hope to catch a few fish.

Spam is usually more targeted and sent by non-conforming businesses. ACMA will want to know the extent of spamming by Australian businesses when taking action.

I think I owe you all a bit of an apology here -mixing up my spams and scams
I forward the messages to ACMA Report Spam 0429999888
At one stage I finished up on the Scamwatch form and had nothing to report there because I had received SPAM but had not proceeded to beSCAMMED