Ultimate Kids Gift Card

Hi there, I’m wondering if anyone has had any recourse with expired gift cards.
The custom these days for tween birthday parties seems to be to give gift cards. These are simple to purchase for busy parents, and of course, they give the receiver the chance to choose something they want.
But aren’t they money?
My son was recently told one of his gift cards was invalid. I called the number on the card and they told me that as it was out of the expiry date (again, no date marked on card), it was too bad and that money was gone. Sure, it’s only $30, but it is the principal. Seems like the seller is getting money for nothing.
When a gift card is given to a 12 year old child, with no date attached, surely that card should be honoured?
Any thoughts… this really seems a scam…


If there is nothing to the effect that an expiry date applies, I’d make a formal complaint starting with the company who dishonoured the card on the basis you could not have known it would expire (some don’t) and have effectively been misled.

Choice has been active in lobbying for gift cards to have no expiry or much longer expiry … some companies have improved their position on gift card expiry - apparently new laws are due soon (federally) to mandate a minimum 3 year life from time of purchase …


Excellent starting point but reality might be that if the company chooses to rip your son off it seems to be within their rights so long as they have followed the laws. However, if there was no expiration date shown on the card, read here for your rights as it appears they have not done so are are thus culpable.