Uber Eats Cheats

An article regarding some Uber Eats delivery drivers allegedly stealing customers’ orders.


The problem with Uber Eats is they attempt to bypass consumer law by accepting your money, but putting a disclaimer that they don’t run the service and aren’t responsible if it is of poor quality.

One of the reasons I simply refuse to use them.


I believe that if the food suppliers wanted to provide a legal delivery service, there would be all sorts of tight regulations about the way the heat of the food has to be maintained (to prevent possible food poisoning), hygiene during transportation, prevention of spillage etc. Thus I do not and would not use Uber Eats.


I love UberEats. It’s fast, it’s hot, I can track my order, it always correct and the delivery folks are kind. I question the risk of food poisoning in the 10 to 30 min. The food takes to get from the restaurant to my home. Such a fabulous service!

As with any subcontracted or franchised business model, be it UberEats or Harvey Norman or whatever/whoever, one’s experience as a customer is going to be highly variable based on your local supplier/shop, as well as local traffic patterns when it is all about delivery time and the ‘food shop’ kitchen was right atop their game.

That has been the supposed reason many restaurants traditionally have refused to provide take-away containers for us to take home our uneaten food. While anything is possible, I agree it is unlikely to be a real worry when the drivers are properly doing their jobs and the food is properly packed in the first place.

Hi. I recently had this same issue with Uber Eats.
I was on the phone, outside my unit with a clear view to the street. I was giving the driver very clear directions. My food never arrived and he was not in my street.
He cancelled the order and Uber Eats billed me for $53 for food that went AWOL.
After several emails to their support team, telling them that they were in breach of consumer law and threatening to report them, I finally received a refund a week later.
I have had enough of their drivers not being able to use a GPS and follow simple directions, and I am not paying for missing orders. From now on, I will be using store delivery drivers or simply picking up my own orders in person.