Treatment of people in Finders university hospital mt gambier a and e

If you are on government consession do not go to our private hospital. My 76 year old mother has a extremely heavy cold virus which the ambulance seemed to think worthy of a doctor in the hospital to look at. They evan had to give her Oxegen to the hospital. The duty nurse stuck her in a corner away from the rest of the room and there she sat for six hours no food and a bottle of water i gave her on checking on her. I sat for two hours watching private patients being looked at. Mum was offered pain killers in a very sarcastic manner by nurse in charge. I might add mym is obese due to hardening of the arteries. My sister also witnessed this abuse while she sat with mum for three hours. apparently you have to have a good strong cough when you’re as sick as my mother.

Thanks for sharing your experience @christinejunewhite.

Mum got an appointment with a doctor at our gp the next morning after explaining what happened the day before. and now has the medicine she needs.including drops for her eyes.

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Christine - I suggest that you make a formal complaint to the hospital. They should recognise the importance of taking your complaint seriously - it may save a life. If you don’t know what to say - just cut and paste your statement above. You can include my reply if you like.

Everybody seeking health care is entitled to a courteous and quality service. That’s what our taxes and Medicare surcharges pay for. Good service is especially needed when the ambulance officer has already determined the seriousness. It makes no difference whether your mother is obese (more than half the population is overweight - this is normal!).