Travel insurance policies unfair to singles

If you’re part of a couple or are family members and something happens to one person in the travel party then the other travellers are covered for cancellation fees etc. Not so for singles travelling together. A friend and I travel together quite often, but if one of us gets sick and can’t go, then there is no provision for the other party to cancel without incurring fees. Blatant discrimination against single travellers.

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is it possible to take out insurance as a ‘family’ using your different names?

@heathercameron2012 it may be possible to buy a ‘couples’ policy for you and your friend. The proviso is that you would be required to travel together for most of your trip, ranging from 51% to 100% of the time, depending on the policy. We list ‘Time adults must travel together’ in our travel insurance review. Perhaps browse which policies appear to be the most lenient and check with the insurer.

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What about say a group of three unrelated people traveling together? Does anyone offer a group product or would we just have to buy three individual policies?

I know it’s probably not the reality, but one would expect that buying two policies at once should make each policy cheaper. Buying three at once should make each one cheaper again.

You’re right @meltam, a couple policy is usually just double the price of a single policy. The exception is family policies, which are usually the same price as a couple policy and dependants travel free but they have to be dependants, not individual adults.

Since found that RACQ travel policy suited all of our needs - AND got member discount.

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@heathercameron2012 to satisfy my curiosity - did you get a couple policy or two singles?

Two singles, which suited us just fine.