Travel insurance misleading claims

I recently bought an annual multi trip Policy for my partner through Boomers travel insurance. The website says “And the great news is that your spouse and dependents and even grandkids are covered free provided they are travelling with you.” But when I called to check the terms and conditions on this I was told it was not the case. Spouse and grandkids are only covered if they are named on your policy and you pay an additional fee. When I queried this several times drawing their attention to their own website they waived the fee for me and promised to amend the website. More than one month later the website still says your spouse and grandkids travelling with you are covered free. Hope Choice can make them change this, and buyers beware!


Choice is not the place to make a formal complaint. Check the ACCC page and report them.


Thanks @lg16447, @JodiBird interesting one for you!

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Thanks for raising this. We’re updating the travel insurance review now so this information is helpful. Looking at the boomers travel insurance site it would help if they clarify in their marketing that the children and grandchildren need to be named on the policy. We’ll mention this to them.

On their annual multi-trip page they may have already altered the statement since it no longer contains a reference to your spouse travelling free: “And the great news is that your dependants and even grandkids are covered free provided they are travelling with you.”

Looking further into it, kids and grandkids travel at no extra cost on annual multi-trip travel insurance, but on one-trip travel insurance they travel free only on a ‘single person’ policy. On ‘Duo’ policies, you pay an extra charge for kids and grandkids.

They disclaim the latter on their homepage - “Dependant children or grandchildren not in fulltime employment who are under the age of 25 and are accompanying you on the journey are covered under your policy. (Excluding Duo policies)” and the seniors page - “Grandkids are included FREE under your policy (excluding Duo policies)”

It’s an unusual pricing structure. It seems they are targeting either senior couples or single seniors travelling with grandkids.


I discovered you cannot take the website as it appears. It is worth telephoning them to clarify. This is when they told me, twice, that no one is covered unless they are named and you pay an additional fee